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Electric Commuter Bicycles in San Diego

Electric Commuter Bicycles in San Diego

Added by econver #0 on 2006-10-12. Last modified 2006-10-12 04:03. Originally created 2006-09-16. F0

I've been passively listening to the topics of this forum for over a year and I met Colin at an event in Balboa Park and got a "One Less Car" bumper sticker for my bike. Needless to say I am a big advocate of a carless society. About a year ago I been rearranged my life to take the car out of it. Around eight months ago I started actively commuting between 10 and 20 miles a day on a home built electric bicycle. I often commute from San Marcos to Carlsbad, catch the train to Sorrento valley, then bike to the UTC. Recently I've formed a company called ATIV Solutions (www.ativsolutions.com) that makes electric bicycles for commuting.

It is our belief that electric bicycles will revolutionize urban & suburban transport by providing a low-cost efficient means of transportation that has all the advantages of bicycling but removes some of the hindrances that prevent wide-spread use for commuting.

Here's a statement from the website: Leaving the car at home represents a fundamental shift in American culture, where we stop measuring our success and happiness by how much we can consume, but instead by how much we can save.

The technology is here, the only thing left is the will to make it happen.

BTW: Did anyone on this list go to the Global Climate Change lecture last night at the Natural History Museum?


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   Electric Commuter Bicycles in San Diego, by doubledowntown on 2006-10-12 09:26:23

Have you looked at www.cleverchimp.com ? The Stokemonkey links electric power directly into the drivetrain of the bicycle which allows the motor to operate at a more efficient rpm. These are designed to run with an Xtracycle equipped bike. The whole rig would be higher priced than the bike I saw on your site. Also, Todd Fahrner writes a pretty entertaining blog which is a good place to keep up on bike transportation. An option worth considering would be the Fraser Cycles Frontier with the Stokemonkey. It may not fit your commute if you include the train.

   Electric Commuter Bicycles in San Diego, by portal_administrator on 2006-11-14 01:51:18

Econver, I just noticed you posted a response to Scott.

I think you might get more of a reply at

the carfree san diego discussion list

I didn't make it to that lecture, but come December I'll have more time to go to those sorts of things!

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