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Frank Cook's Calendar, singing and springing forth, March 25, 2005

Events in California and North Carolina, with possible journeys in southern India and Africa.

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March 25, 2005

Happy Full Moon!

Hi There Family and Friends:

There is something wonderful and magical about the breadth and diversity of this land, Turtle Island. I always feel this deeply when I return from abroad. I am so thankful for each spring feeling the parallel in myself of the life force energy pulsating forth.

This spring I will be spending my time mostly in my homes of North Carolina and California. I have been working with others to create some opportunities for us to be together.

Starting in May, I will begin my fifth year facilitating an online discussion of Thomas Elpelís Botany of Desire. Each year has been different and I look forward to integrating my growing sense of the world families into this yearís group. To get more information and to join the circle, please email planttalk2005 -at- yahoo.com.

My NC housemate Alan Dehmer is just launching his website displaying and discussing his fascinating gum bi-chromate photographic work. Visit www.woodsedge.net to learn more.

I feel it is critical that those who are caretaking land learn the plants that surround them. If you are interested in walking your land together and creating a plant inventory, please contact me to set up a date.

My book projects continue to develop. I am hard at work on the African account of my journey there two years back and should have something to show for it later this year. Ask me about it!

Upcoming Gatherings

Bay Area and Coastal California:

  • April 5th: Jughandle Ecological Staircase Hike

Join us south of Ft. Bragg for a memorable day learning from Eco-historian and John Muir disciple John Olmstead about this unique area-the pygmy forest staircase which is the oldest steady state ecosystem in the world with a complete outdoor laboratory of soil succession. We will spend the day mingling with the northern and southern plant tribes who come together here. Camping and Lodging options are available. Come the night before if you can. Email me for more information.

  • April 7th: Peruvian Medicine Workshop

Plans are coming together for us to gather in the bay area for a plant walk and a circle focus on Peruvian healing ways and medicines used there. Locations and times to be announced.

  • April 8th: Pilgrimage to Mt Tam

Join us for a daylong walk from deer Park in Fairfax 9:00 am (or you can join us at Lake Pheonix for lunch at noon.) to the top of Mt. Tamalpais. We will be looking at plants and offering a prayer package to the earth at the top of this sacred mountain. I will be sending out more details on this soon. Let me know if you are interested.

North Carolina:

  • April 20th: Enjoying the Wonders of Nature at The White Owl Earthaven, NC 10-5

Come spend the day walking out in the gardens and forests. We will harvest and demonstrate the making of several plant medicines and foods. One of our focuses will be sacred smoke and its place in ritual ceremonies, as well as its roles as healer and teacher. Sacred smoke includes smudges, resins, incense, moxa sticks, as well as smoked herbs as sacrament. Suggested donation $25-50. Contact Brandon -at- earthaven.org or call the white owl 828-669-8879 for more information.

  • April 22nd: 8th Annual Earthday with Herbs at Eaglefeather Farm, Madison Co. (outside Asheville); 10-4; cost: $40

What better way to spend a day honoring the earth than with others out in the coves of the ancient Appalachians? We will be spending time exploring the natural wonders in the woods and gardens; harvesting and transforming wild and seasonal plants into foods and medicines; rescuing plants and most importantly honoring our journey on this huge living being, Gaia, Earth, Mundo...our Mother. Hope to see you there! Contact: 828-649-3536 for more information and to sign up.

  • April 24th: Welcoming Spring at NCSHH Leichester, (outside Asheville) 10-4

Come gather with us and revel in the wonders of spring. We will go on plant walks and make medicines and share stories and knowledge of the plants. What would you like to bring to the circle? Contact me or call Ceara at 828-350-1221 for more information.

  • April 27-29: Three day walk from Max Patch to Hot Springs, NC

Visit www.wildroots.org to learn more about spending several days together out in nature meeting plants, gathering wild food and sharing time outside... Trust in nature. Come lightly and let nature in.

  • May 13-15: Spring Wild Flowers with Doug Elliott at The Sunnybank Inn

I will once again be assisting naturalist Doug Elliott on a memorable weekend in the ancient Appalachian Mountains. Participants will stay at the historic Sunnybank Inn with meals and a hot spring soak included. There is usually some room for day participants. For more information contact Elmer Hall at 828-622-7206

  • May 20-22: Wild Foods and Fermentation with Sandor Katz at Sustenance Farm outside Chapel Hill, NC

Sandor Katz, author of Wild Fermentation and I will be teaming up again this year to delve deeper into the wild ferments and foods we have grown to love. Come participate in this hands on experience. We will be making together miso, kim chi, elixirs and a bunch of other ferments. Come be part of a cultural revolution. More details soon. Let me know if you have any questions.

Donations, seaweed & rainbow gathering, continental bioregional congress

I walk my green path achieving right-livelihood through donation. I appreciate your assistance in this. Give what you can; Receive what you need. Donations can be sent to: Frank Cook 1119 Old Greensboro Road Chapel Hill, NC 27516

In early June I will be back in California gathering seaweed--let me know if you would like to participate. In late June I will be attending the National Rainbow (www.welcomehome.org for information) followed by the 9th Continental Bioregional Congress gathering at Earthaven Ecovillage, NC (see www.bioregionalcongress.org.)

Looking ahead:

Seeds are being planted for a month journey to southern India in mid-August and a two+ week journey through southern Africa at the end of the year. Let me know if you are interested in being kept informed of developments.

Iíll keep you posted as new circles form and plans come together for the year ahead.

Peace and Love,



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