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The Carfree Universe Project (CFU) has been archived.
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  • Link Carfree Universe Images blog remote url
    Use this blog to publish images related to the articles you write. Send an email to the portal admin to be added to the list of those who can post. Here are "instructions on how to get started":http://www.hello.com/help/blogger.php.
  • Link Carfreeuniverse discussion remote url
    This is a yahoo group where you can discuss this site and get help using this site.
  • Link Carfreeuniverse site changes email list remote url
    All content changes ( except comments to content objects and updates to http://carfreeuniverse.org/Members/portal_administrator/toDoList ) are (barring a programming oversight) tracked here. To receive a daily list of changes, subscribe to this list and set your email preferences to "daily digest".
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    Here you can get an idea how often the site has been up in the past. For older uptime data on the same server, visit: http://purl.oclc.org/net/ea/j9k/oldeauptime
  • Image A Martian not from Mars
    Where did this guy come from, the Moon?
  • Image Using Structured Text
    A nice pdf on how to use STX.
  • Discussion Item Electric Commuter Bicycles in San Diego
    Electric Commuter Bicycles in San Diego

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