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Document Another brainstorming / visioning about the group Document 2006-05-08 2006-05-08 2006-05-08
  Where we might go next-- after "nothing?" and related visions.
Image San Diego Ishmael Meeting Announcement in Union Tribune Image 2006-02-25 2006-02-25
  This is notable? I thought it was special enough to scan in. . . Someday I may not get so excited about causing something to appear in print. It did involve getting the meeting time and location determined 14 days in advance. The ad had to be submitted ten days prior to desired date of publication. So, it is a symbol of a more advanced state of organization of the group, or at least of one particular group member's motivation. Whether my efforts help the group grow or just burn off some energy exercising fledgling publicity muscles remains to be seen.
Document Having the drive. . . Document 2006-02-23 2006-04-14 2006-01-28
  A post to the sd ishmael group.
Document San Diego Leavers / SD Ishmael / Daniel Quinn family discussion Document 2006-02-18 2008-03-05 2005-07-09
  San Diego Ishmael is for people with an earnest desire to save the world. Daniel Quinn's _Ishmael_ series is the jumping off point for our development. Bring an idea or a book to share with us, or suggest an activity. All are welcome!
Document Another brainstorm / questioning on what the San Diego Ishmael group could become. Document 2006-02-12 2006-02-13 2006-02-12
  Many questions and some daydreams about the future of our small meetings.
Image CLOSED TO ALL VEHICLES / Zion National Park Image 2006-02-12 2008-03-05
  Credit Brad Anderson of "Architectural Photography Incorporated":http://architecturephotoinc.com/. I met him through the "local Ishmael group":../sdishmael/, and he took this picture specifically to be used for the carfree cause. I have the high-res 50MB TIFF file if anyone wants to make a poster of this. It was taken in December 2005. See also: o "A close-up":closed_crop.jpg (488k). o "Google on Zion National Park":http://www.google.com/search?q=zion+national+park. o "Banning cars makes for a peaceful park":http://www.signonsandiego.com/uniontrib/20051113/news_1t13zion.html. This article by Steve Hendrix appeared in the Union Tribune on November 13, 2005. The original, slightly longer article can be found in the "Washington Post":http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/07/01/AR2005070100998.html.<blockquote>Starting [in 2000], the Park Service launched a radical pilot program that has, by all accounts, transformed the visitor's experience. From April through October, the park actually does ban private cars along the six-mile scenic route, along with motorcycles, tour buses and RVs. The only way to the park's most popular sites is by foot, bicycle or one of these free shuttles that run like clockwork from 5:35 a.m. to nearly midnight.</blockquote>
Document Brainstorms on Earthfair, and on A larger vision of what our group could be Document 2006-02-11 2006-02-12 2006-02-05
  This was a post to the San Diego Ishmael yahoo group. The most memorable thought in here may be, ". . . what is more important than the relationship then, than _any_ relationship, is the community in which it occurs." This relates to a comment I made in an earlier paper, "In this tradition, which is founded upon belief in the independence and self-reliance of the individual, it is individual success, not community or family visioning, planning, and development, that is the means of resolving the problems of life." How can we raise a community culture in the manner others attempt to raise themselves or their relationships? Currently, for many people, work and church may provide their "patterns for living" (Clyde Kluckhohn). Can we make our own? What are the needs a successful pattern for living must address?
Document Subject: 12 tribes & Mali Document 2006-02-09 2008-03-05 2003-06-30
  A post to the DC Ishmael group.
Document Colin's current philosophical framework (anarcho / neo primitivism, with an eye out for the integral), and its development Document 2003-09-20 2008-03-06 2003-09-20
  I've been influenced by John Zerzan, Derrick Jensen, Tom Elpel, Tom Brown, Dorothy Freed, and others writing about anarchoprimitivism/neoprimitive/simple ways of living. Here I share some thoughts and links to work that have encouraged me in my current path. I'm also aware of Ken Wilber, whose philosophy may suggest a different direction.


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