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Document You cocooned in moving matter Document 2004-01-19 2004-02-16 2004-01-19
  An incantation for those travelling the lands where the most significant human structures are strips of pavement (or aeroplanes, or trains...). The inspiration for this occurred when crossing (on foot) the College Avenue overpass across Interstate 8. I was a sole pedestrian above ten lanes of highway traffic (I recounted the lanes: approx. 17, two of which belong to a less busy road parallel to the interstate) walking along a bridge about six lanes wide. On the lane closest to the sidewalk, traffic entering the highway is slow or stationary, and I can gaze at the occupants through their windshields.
Document untitled 000001 Document 2004-01-30 2004-02-16 2004-01-30
  A voice/vision I heard/imagined. The shards of glass are reminiscent of Richard Wilbur's poem "Junk".
Document Blue Chill Document 2004-02-06 2004-02-06 2004-02-06
  How landscape affects behavior. If I could make it interesting for us both I would/will continue the trip along the running route. I open the iron grated door step onto cement walk. Survey dawn over Seminole Dr. Not drawn to walk, I return inside, knowing, I'd be walking were I in ________. Dented glass -> ocean. Blue chill plain -> dawn sky.


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