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Document Email to sdfnl about permaculture Document 2007-06-25 2007-06-25 2007-06-25
  The only writeup I may make about my participation in the 2007 Quail Springs pc design course.
Document Walking Sangha possibilities for practice Document 2007-06-25 2007-07-03 2007-06-25
  This is primarily an HTML version of "Practicing at Deer Park Monastery," which is on the DPM website as a .doc and a .pdf. This also contains "Beginning Anew" from the DPM website.
Document "Lost Children, Lost Worlds" by Bill Mollison Document 2007-06-26 2007-06-26 2007-06-26
  From Bill Mollison, Travels in Dreams. Tagari, 1997. 849-850.
Document S.N. Goenka and the California Vipassana Center Document 2007-07-02 2007-07-02 2007-07-02
  About my experience at CVC and what it means to me.
Document walking sangha update 001 Document 2007-08-31 2008-03-04 2007-08-31
  What happened between when I posted the walking sangha article and when I left on the trip beginning September 7, 2007.
Document Last Post Document 2008-03-04 2008-03-05 2008-03-04
  I've archived the site. Instead of posting here, I have created blogs on blogspot.com such as http://sdtjdph.blogspot.com/ (San Diego / Tijuana Design, Plant, Harvest).

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