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Much shorter, and in some ways much better than LotR (which I never saw). 5 min long or so. (Spoilage warning: don't read the next sentence!) Well-stuffed superheroes, a damsel in distress, a villainous car-driver, and the requisite car-bashing. And I was able to dowload it in a short time even over a modem connection!

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   Looking for Lords of the Chainring, by colin on 2004-04-17 18:29:17

Note... I'm trying to locate a copy of this movie! It's good.

Here's some more detail I found:

An independent short film depicting a typical day in the life of a chopper rider. Watch it in streaming video at The Lost Film Fest.

Directed by Zach Lihatsh and Adam Katzman 2002? - 6 min.

And a link at the lost film fest.

The link for lost film fest 8


Lords of the Chain Ring Adam katzman/Zach Lihatch 7 min 3 sec

Bikepunk warriors put on their jockstraps, stuff their underwear, and ride their tall bikes to avenge an attack on a fellow biker by a four-wheeled gas guzzling beast. Epic metal makes the soundtrack to this battle between two wheels and four wheels. Phone: 928.778.2768

E-mail: adamkat at aol, tofudrunk at yahoo



but no streaming video. The link on the mac site was to a quicktime...

The title is "lords of the Chain Ring." I'll have to fix this-

   Needs rights to music, by colin on 2004-04-24 14:16:14

Update: Adam had to take the quicktime movie off the internet, because when trying to get rights to the music, they found he had it on the internet... He plans to work on writing grants to buy the rights ($1000 or so?) in a bit.

In the meantime, let me know if you'd like to see it, and I may be able to get you a copy. I think I have a copy on one of my grandma's computers, but have yet to get over there and check.

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