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William Rawls, Super-Human Computer Programmer

Link: http://www.friendster.com/useropen.php?uid=401140

One of the greatest people I have met. I don't doubt he has problems like the rest of us (hating exercise, for one), but if there ever was a real-life Falstaff (who Howard Bloom calls the smartest of Shakespeare's characters), this might be him. I wish there was someone like him in my life now! I only worked with him for a year or less.

His pet project at the time was sliceanddice --if he could play it right, it could lead/may have already led to great things. Here is his Primer for Ablitic Programming, which I confess I haven't read carefully, at least not recently, that if combined with his portrait of himself captures some of what he's like in person.

I hope you're well William!

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