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Carfree City

Link: http://carfreecity.us

Goal: To construct a carfree city or district within a city in the United States of a sufficient size that its residents can conduct most of their daily activities without having to use or be exposed to automobiles. This would be approximately equivalent to one "district" in the Carfree Cities book (12,000 people, 120 developed acres, 120 open-space acres).

Specific goals of this website are:

  • To demonstrate to lending institutions and decision-makers that there is a large number of people actively interested in creating and living in a carfree city To provide a mechanism for those people to have input to the location and design of the carfree city To develop methods for overcoming logistical, regulatory, legal, financial and cultural obstacles to carfree development in the United States

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Location: World, United States
Topics: building the carfree city

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