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The desert people

Link: http://www.thedesertpeople.com/

Danny August, the man behind desert people, was working on setting up a nomadic community on 1,500 acres in Baja California. Here's what happened: "We tried our hardest to make the deal to rent the land for the project. We were about to give a deposit to the landowner when the government stepped in and informed us that the parcel is in a protected area of the Baja, and so it would be illegal to harvest any plants and animals, making the project there impossible.

"I greatly appreciated the support you demonstrated for this project. It was not wasted. In the original languages there is no word for waste. For my part, I have learned a ton about ways to set the project up for success in it's next incarnation.

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Topics: anarcho- and neo-primitivism, carfree places, community, ecovillages, nomadism, permaculture, philosophy, primitive skills, spirit, walking

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