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Document "May I help us be at peace." and the complementarity of buddhism and permaculture colin 2007-06-23 2007-07-06 2007-06-23
Document The European Dream colin 2005-03-13 2005-04-03 2005-03-13
Document An inquiry into living while walking the roads of America, Mexico, and beyond. jeffreysawyer 2004-10-23 2008-03-05 2004-10-23
Document Colin's travel log starting 2003-10-11 colin 2003-10-14 2003-11-09 2003-10-14
United States, North Carolina, Document Hobo School colin 2003-08-30 2008-03-05 2003-08-30
Document Propaganda born of a focus on the radical personal change necessary to create a sustainable global society colin 2003-06-13 2005-04-26 2003-06-13


United States, Alabama, Birmingham, Link Universism - a reasoned search for passion remote url colin 2005-06-05 2005-07-21
United States, Link The American Dream Project, Will Marrè, and comparison with other 'dream' projects remote url colin 2005-05-21 2005-05-21
Link The society for philosophical inquiry (and the World Café) remote url colin 2005-05-17 2008-03-05
United States, Link Neoconservatism, Straussianism, and "can freedom and excellence can coexist?" remote url colin 2005-04-18 2005-12-01
United States, Iowa, Davenport, Link Marylaine Block remote url colin 2004-05-20 2004-05-20
Link The Edge Foundation remote url colin 2004-01-30 2004-01-30
Link PRO EVO: Pro Evolution - Guideline for an Age of Joy remote url colin 2004-01-02 2006-01-30
Link The desert people remote url colin 2003-11-29 2003-11-29
United States, Link Ken and Roberta Avedor's Illichville remote url colin 2003-11-03 2003-11-03
Link Project on Corporations Law and Democracy remote url colin 2003-10-27 2003-10-27
Link By Fair Means: reaching the rivers of our dreams by using muscle power only remote url colin 2003-10-27 2004-06-24

Personal Documents

United States, California, San Diego, Document Permaculture Projects colin 2007-02-21 2008-03-05 2007-02-21
United States, Tennessee, Knoxville, Document A Pedagogy of the Distracted, a Rhetoric of Agendas: Helping Students Get into Writing in spite of--or by Working with--Distractions colin 2006-09-02 2006-09-02 2006-09-02
Document Script of presentation about meaning in life forum, experience of meaning in life, and related literature colin 2005-04-16 2008-03-05 2005-04-16
United States, Document The Grand Cathedral-Building Project colin 2004-01-03 2008-03-05 2004-01-03
United States, California, Document Colin's quarterly update #2: Return to civilization? colin 2003-12-09 2008-03-05 2003-12-09
Document Colin's current philosophical framework (anarcho / neo primitivism, with an eye out for the integral), and its development colin 2003-09-20 2008-03-06 2003-09-20
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