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PRO EVO: Pro Evolution - Guideline for an Age of Joy

Link: http://www.proevo.ch/

Update (2006-01-30): I started a pro-evo yahoo group for those who want to discuss this text.

This book arrived mysteriously in my grandmother's mailbox. It was mailed from New Jersey, but that is all I know about who sent it, and that it was a mass-mailing. It is a small book, 135 narrow pages. It presents an optimistic world view and theory of why we are here. I read it this afternoon. I do not agree with all it says, but find it provocative and very helpful. The author has done a wonderful job of expressing many important concepts concisely. In time I will be able to more effectively judge the value of having read this book.

The direct relevance to this site can be found on p. 121 under the topic "How could living conditions be improved constantly?" : "(3) Converting residential areas into healthy, comfortable and humane places, free of air and water pollution and harmful noise, divided into administrative districts of manageable size, and with streets and squares thronged once again with people and not noisy machines spreading poisonous exhaust fumes (as, for example, could in towns be achieved in part through transportation of people and goods by electrically powered vehicles and by limiting private cars)." and p. 113 footnote 31: "Examples of the effect of a lack of pro-evo economic guidance: (1) The unrestrained expansion of the oil and automobile industries in the Second World War, which led, among other things, to the neglect both of mass transportation and of research into, and use of, solar and geothermal energy and other inexhaustable and renewable sources of power..."

And most importantly, p. 37: "(11) The establishment of a research organization for monitoring the effect of scientific and technical innovations on man and the environment; and for working for, and enforcing, measures to prevent anti-evo consequences from the innovations."

As to what pro-evo and anti-evo are, I'll leave that to the author, Tomot Om, whose other books include Age of Joy, On the side of life, Lebensrichtig, Zeitalter der Freude (perhaps under other names).

If you guessed that he hinted at an un-libertarian merit (or rather pro-evo)-ocracy and world government, you'd be correct.

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   PRO EVO: Pro Evolution - Guideline for an Age of Joy, by colin on 2004-01-04 06:59:01

The Grand Cathedral-Building Project was partly inspired by ProEvo.

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