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Eat the state

Link: http://eatthestate.org

Volume 8 no. 16.5 that I just received by email hit the state out of the park... They rock. Subscribe to their email/paper mail here.

I have to wonder if watching the total collapse of the US empire & foreign policy because it is run by idiots is going to be as painless as reading Eatthestate... I doubt it. Or maybe the idiots are not the problem, it is the system? It does seem the US's days are numbered.

If you're in the market for more such stuff perhaps try zmag. This is some of what I should be reading for class, and seems related in a way.

Fascinating was the combination of Rufin's Globalia and Kristof's Pro-bush Iran.

And moveon rightfully monopolizing on torture.

And what are we not paying attention to while distracted by all this?

Also reading about US city pension fund woes. Yet San Luis Obispo, CA is run well at least, it seems.

I'm reminded of Ludlum's old thriller novel Parsifal Mosaic in which the secretary of state goes insane and takes all of world security with him... I don't recommend the book.

Oh! And combine all that with Report Warns of Infiltration by Al Qaeda in U.S. Prisons Reminding me of Grisham's the Brethren and Disney Forbidding Distribution of (Michael Moore's) Film That Criticizes Bush.

But eatthestate Volume 8 no. 16.5 is the essence of all of that.

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