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By Fair Means: reaching the rivers of our dreams by using muscle power only

Link: http://www.open-canoe.de/ellice/byfair.html

These canoeists are addressing in practice the issue of using motorized transport to reach remote wilderness locations: "The above are only a few thoughts that brought the idea of by fair means to our mind. By refering to by fair means we mean that we try to reach the rivers of our dreams by using muscle power only. Further, no alien support is allowed on the trip. This means no food or equipment drops along the way. During the whole trip, the paddlers are completely selfsustained. Trips start at a point that is accessible by road or that is accessible by schedueled air service. Some trips might end in communities which have schedueled air service. If there is no community like on the arctic coast, the nearest settlement my be reached by air-charter to get access to schedueled air service." The result is that they began their trips paddling canoes weighing 250 kilograms (about 500lbs). The main page is at: http://www.open-canoe.de/ellice/

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Topics: activism, carfree places, Human Powered Vehicles (HPV), live power, philosophy, transport: water

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