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HillQuest - website, blog, and printed guide about Hillcrest, "San Diego's most diverse neighborhood"

Link: http://hillquest.com/

Perhaps the best San Diego website I have found! See especially the quicktime slideshow on early San Diego transportation. There are some funky pointy/areodynamic trollies and some wicker-basket electric carts!

From the blog:

A true success story in terms of community revitalization, Hillcrest has blossomed over the past decade into one of the hippest, most happening communities in San Diego. Nestled to the west and north of Balboa Park from Park Boulevard westward to Mission Hills, Hillcrest is known primarily for its wide array of award-winning restaurants, trendy specialty stores, medical offices, two major hospitals and the largest concentration of gay and lesbian-owned businesses in the city. Those who live here enjoy a wide choice of older homes mixed in with newer, upscale apartments and condominiums. The Hillcrest Business Association throws the annual streetfair bash known as CityFest, which was originally held to celebrate the restoration and relighting of the famous neon sign at University and Fifth avenues. Hillcrest is also the proud home of the annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Pride celebration, which includes a parade through the ’hood and a two-day festival in idyllic Balboa Park (at Juniper Street and Balboa Park Way).

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