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The New America Foundation - venture capital for writing about policy ideas that transcend the conventional political spectrum

Link: http://www.newamerica.net/

Check out their program areas, including things like American Grand Strategy.

Very nice:

One of the primary causes of our nationís impoverished public debate is the scarcity of promising young thinkers making their mark as credible public intellectuals. Although there are organizations and publications on both sides of the political spectrum that help emerging writers espouse predictable partisan positions, no comparable support structures exist for independent-minded thinkers who want to engage in an open-ended search for pragmatic public policy solutions. Aspiring intellectuals whose views do not put them squarely on one ideological side or another therefore lack the financial support, career guidance, institutional credibility, and intellectual community needed for them to emerge as potent new voices on the national scene.


New America Fellows receive far more than financial support. They are provided office space, health insurance, research and editorial assistance, help in placing articles, and perhaps most important, the opportunity to interact in a close-knit intellectual community. The organizationís senior staff regularly provides intellectual guidance, high-quality editing, training in public speaking, and a host of other professional development services to the Fellows.

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