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Carfree human-made islands in shape of the world

Link: http://www.theworld.ae/

from First freehold properties on The World go up for sale:

Unique to OQYANA is the fact that it will be the Middle East's first car-free destination. Travelling around the destination will either be by inter-island ferries or via an extensive network of seamlessly, inter-linked walkways.

"OQYANA will truly be a sanctuary of supreme lifestyle - a tourism-getaway and second home destination," said Waleed Al-Humaidhi, Chairman, EFAD Holding. "It will be a walker's paradise with 17 kilometres of inter-linked walkways, a haven for beach lovers with some 5,300 metres of shore front and a boating hub with over 1,500 berths."

The same company was responsible for The Palm.

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Location: World, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, The World, OQYANA
Topics: art, building the carfree city, carfree places, planned cities, transport: water, urban planning

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