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Analysis of feral ballerina

This is an initial analysis of the "feral ballerina" personal ad.

Added by colin #442 on 2005-04-26. Last modified 2005-04-27 22:18. Originally created 2005-04-26. F0 License: Attribution
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: women, analysis

Feral ballerina begs for analysis. What can I do for the moment?

First: That writing came out of being away from classes (and the people there) for a whole week during spring break. I'll try not to let that happen again.

Second: for much of the description of Martha, I was thinking of myself, except for the description of how she loves, then I was thinking of how it seemed to me some women I have known were--or maybe just one in particular.

Finally, the focus on being able to sob to each other came of something I do hope for, but also a reaction to a personal that interested me that said:

I don't need you

I won't need to spend time with you — but I'll probably want to. I don't need you to complete me, I'm whole as I am. I don't need you to be my everything — but I'll want you to be something. I don't need your money, your charity, your car, your house, your gifts — I'm doing perfectly fine with what I have. I don't need your affection — but I most certainly will want it (truth be told I'll probably be sad if I don't get it).

and another less interesting one: "My old boyfriends always say it was nice that I didn't have any issues."

What else. The whole thing seems symbolic of a larger problem or a deeper state. Most people don't write personals like this. Most people don't rave to the void in a way that no one will appreciate, and that they too hardly do.

I think I will try to be less of a freak and live a tame, undistinctive life... I'll keep working here and become a community college teacher in California or in Mexico. I don't want to be forever raving mad. Someone who people do not talk to because what he does is so inappropriate or incomprehensible to them. I won't be trying to change the world, or get people to pay attention to some great ideas... Well I will, but only as a side effect of helping them read and write.

Here's some more analysis, looking at more than just this personal:

Things are very interesting here... I can't say they are good because the sense is in part that I have become a crazy person babbling in ways that don't make sense to others and hardly make sense to myself.

(the opposite being expressing a message that resonates with many others, that I feel is of lasting value.)

I can find plenty of faults / reasons for that complaint though.... and that complaint, and the reasons I have it, seem to signs of great learning that could occur on my part.

I think I am looking for co-conspirators--local ones--and my misdirected, haphazard efforts to find some have yet to pan out. The truth is though that until only a month or two ago, I never even bothered looking! Now that I am, ...well I may find some.

The flip side of that is my question about how much I may be addicted to isolation. I don't think I am-- but I always wonder if I really would like what I think I want.

There is a huge egotism at work here as well-- I have this vision of me staying in this place and having the world transform around me to be more how I want it to be.

The following document though, Anarcho-/Neo-primitive MA Lit student at SDSU, age 29, seeks feral ballerina to forage and dance with

seems to me symbolic of the root of the problem.

Well, there. That's all I have right now!

Colin Leath <>    

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