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Ken Wilber: what he means to Colin

I mention Ken Wilber so much, I thought I should have a page explaining a bit about what I mean by Ken Wilber.

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Wilber has affected me the most with the example of his life. Which I found out more about partly by reading Tony Schwartz' What Really Matters: Searching for Wisdom in America (notes from my reading of this can be found on experienceart), and some of Wilber's more autobiographical books. That was how I found out about Progoff, and Alex Grey and Grey's sacredmirrors. I also have been affected by Wilber's exhortation to develop a personal practice. One practice that he recommended being the ITP Kata. Here's a the itp-nyc list I started when in NYC.

That's all for now. You can also see the integral email lists (scroll down).

Maybe these links on beliefnet are helpful:

and Visser's site

and Ken Wilber on Google

Wilber is engaged in a Vision Research Project of his own. Intellectually, he may not be that enthusiastic about writing columns on beliefnet. "Exciting and exhilarating" seem a bit of a stretch. But he is interested in the challenge of how to grow the integral vision!

His philosophy has affected me... I see a lot in terms of his theories. I wrote dreamer and then realized that Wilber, not the sociology faculty in NYC, was the one working on the questions I was interested in. Most recently I've been learning about British Romantic poets (e.g., Blake, Wordsworth), and seeing them in the light of Wilber/Beck/Cowan's theories of psych. development.

It's also huge to feel comfortable with his worldview... I can point you to him. I'm freed from trying to write a book that wouldn't even begin to touch what he has done.

Finally, wilber on meetup.

While browsing around, I find these (most I haven't had time to make sense of):

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