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Journalism in San Diego and the miracle that things exist

The original title was "Are there any Journalists in San Diego?" Here's the old description, for now, if only to show what I once did: "The Union Tribune's avoidance of serious investigative reporting is partly responsible for mismanagement by and corruption of local government officials. Here are some links to news sources that may document what is happening in San Diego rather than filling their pages with fluff and AP / NYT wire feeds."

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Update 2005-04-19

Last night I met an actual UT reporter at a planning meeting regarding the the Paseo project at SDSU. See the carfree club for more info. Kristin Green. She seemed to like what I had to say, the carfree perspective, or just thought I was strange in a good way. She wrote something about the meeting, and, not really any surprise, there was not any mention of what I had to say, though I was the only student at the meeting who spoke.

After thinking about this, I realized that this article surely could not help my cause... even though without this there is plenty of stuff "not fit to print" on this site.

I value being able to do stupid things. I may grow out of it. There is a cost... and, recently, I've been impressed at how effective I am at having people not respond to me.

A professor here who seems like a good guy stopped responding to emails, a friend never replied to one, a good woman friend didn't reply for a while, it took me forever to get an email approved to be sent out to grad students (The key was to meet the person in person to ask approval), an environmentalist on campus didn't reply (after suggesting a meeting), oh, and my "amor no correspondido," but that may just be a matter of her busyness, and I'm sure I could find more examples.

Who has responded?

Back to the Union Tribune. I wouldn't have known about that meeting if I hadn't read about it in the UT. I'm glad I went. At the same time, I distracted myself by pondering what I would say there and distracted myself from studying.

There is something in failure. In a lot of my reading, the person who stands for the progressive values is the one who fails and fails grandly, though this character represents some of the progressive views of the author (Doña Perfecta by Galdoz, San Manuel Bueno Martír by Unamuno).

San Diego News (December 2004)

My grandma gets the San Diego Union Tribune. I look at it on occasion. It is a lame paper and its inability to do any serious investigative reporting—it is mostly just reprints of AP and NYT stories—is partly responsible for the general mismanagement of this town having gone on so long as to now have led to a crisis (the pension fund is bankrupting the city, among other things).

I asked my other grandma if she knew of any serious journalists in San Diego. She suggested Neil Morgan, who had recently been fired from the Union Tribune. Here are some links that may be useful to someone who, reading a Union Tribune story, becomes curious to hear what is so baldly not being told.

If you'd rather have a normal paper, the reporting on San Diego by the LA Times appears to be far better than what can be found in the Tribune.

San Diego News

  • Voice of San Diego. Maybe this will be San Diego's Eat The State? I believe this is being started by Neil Morgan.
  • Neil Morgan on KPBS
  • San Diego Blog
  • City Lights Section of the San Diego Reader. I hate the format of the reader and never read the print copy. It is oversized, bulky (not made with carfree people in mind), narrow-columned, and 80% ads. When I first arrived I was impressed with its Reading column, and happy to see an article on San Diego's neighborhoods (however much like filler it appeared to be).
  • San Diego Indymedia
  • Neil Morgan's columns at the Union Tribune.
  • San Diego Daily Transcript -- The Daily Transcript is a vertical market newspaper and a targeted Web site dedicated to reporting the business of San Diego — every working day. Our staff of editors and reporters focus on events that concern the decision-makers, movers and shakers who make San Diego hum. more

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   Philip J. LaVelle of the Union Tribune, by colin on 2005-01-13 20:28:50

Civic strategies thinks Philip J. LaVelle of the Union Tribune is one of the best journalists.

I confess I don't or rarely read coverage of natural or other disasters, and it seemed to me the UT was beating a dead rich person's horse to death while ignoring the problems in city management. I am not reflexively sympathetic to folks who build their houses far off in the hills and live the ultimate old-american-dream-type lifestyle, and who probably would die without their cars (some did die in them trying to escape the fire). Maybe LaVelle wrote about civic issues too. I'm also biased against articles that seem to be more about huge color photographs than anything else.

But I'm not the one who got recognized for great journalism!

I usually value the Op-Ed page the most.

   the miracle that things exist, by colin on 2005-06-19 23:25:13

Once I had written more about the miracle, but then I erased it and left what you see above.... Look what I just found:

As Wittgenstein remarked, it is astonishing that anything exists.
From Kunstler's What I live for.

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