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The airport authority wants a new/bigger airport for San Diego. They sponsored an online dialog to see what people thought. My position was: get the airport out of the city, discourage use of air transportation, use the old airport site for a carfree district. Connect to existing airports via rail. If a new airport is built, put it far away, prevent urban development around it, and connect it to city via a rail link.

I note that Joel Crawford of carfree.com suggests that carfree cities will need an airport:

A large city requires an airport, which should be located far from town and connected to the center by high-speed rail.

In my view having to deal with airplane or helicopter noise is not acceptable if we are to create urban environments that are a dream to live in. This puts me at odds with those who say things like, "progress is inevitable, and that is the price--shut up and stop complaining".

Here is a link to the main page of the dialogs: Fly into the Future

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