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Help Refurbish Electric Streetcars with San Diego Vintage Trolley

Link: http://www.sdera.org/

These cars will "be restored to operating condition and run in downtown San Diego on the loop formed by portions of today's Orange and Blue Lines--to be called the Silver Line." Pictures of the cars.

From the The San Diego Electric Railway Association (SDERA) site:

Are you interested in volunteering some time to restore classic PCC (Presidents' Conference Committee) cars? There will be Saturday "work parties" and Tuesday / Thursday work sessions at the MTS yard in downtown San Diego. Please contact San Diego Vintage Trolley Project Manager Dave Slater (dslater at sdera.org) for details and to get authorization to be on the MTS property. The next work dates are Saturday, February 24, March 10 and March 24. For more information, visit San Diego Vintage Trolley.

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Location: World, United States, California, San Diego, Downtown
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