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vision42: auto-free light rail boulevard for 42nd street

Link: http://vision42.org

Roxanne asked me to add this for her:

I'm chair of a group called vision42, a unit of the Institute for Rational Urban Mobility here in NYC, which, for nearly 4 years, has been advancing a proposal to convert 42nd Street into a river-to-river, auto-free light rail boulevard, with landscaping, outdoor restaurants and cafes, and other pedestrian amenities. We've made 102 presentations of the proposal to date, to nearly universally warm receptions.

It's a bit of a heavy political lift in this town, but we are persisting.

June 2004-- Roxanne sent in the following update:

Thanks very much for putting this on the web. You might want to update it, though. We've now made 155 presentations, and have been working on this for nearly five years. Three technical studies are underway, by highly qualified consultants, on the plan's economic potential, an traffic analysis, and a cost estimate.

There's more about these studies on the website, www.vision42.org, where you can click on What's New! to read about them.

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