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Details about the site for the more curious.

Describing the motivation behind and the vision for this site. And some technical details.

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A story by a first-grader was an inspiration.

and so was a letter to the editor.

Tribalism, an “age of innovation in the social sphere comparable to the industrial revolution” (called for by Daniel Quinn (My Ishmael) and others), as well as Habermas' “unfinished project of modernity” are also behind this.

As is my realization that I'm not one for attending planning meetings, but perhaps I can attract that kind of activist to my town!

This site could become an important place for members of the carfree movement... what features can you dream up that might make it so?

The focus of this site is not so much on accomplishing carfreeness (though that is a desired end), but on helping those who are choosing to live without a car have as many opportunities and options as possible. It is about creating a strong and supportive environment for those who choose carfreeness. Just as Mormon culture seeks to support and further the beliefs and practices of that culture.

My dream is that, someday, a non-carfree might stumble upon this site and say, “Gee, I wish I didn't love my SUV so much, look at all these cool people I could meet and all these wonderful places I could go... and wow, these people are really having a huge effect with their efforts to expand and to protect carfree space.”

My dream is that, someday, a carfree might stumble upon this site and be moved to tears, as I was in early 1998 on finding carfree.com, and feel, “I'm so lucky, I'm so right, even while most everyone I've been around has no clue this exists, I have found it!”

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