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Changelog 2

List of technical site changes and a to do list.

Added by portal_administrator #16 on 2004-03-25. Last modified 2006-01-27 16:52. Originally created 2004-03-25. F0 License: Public Domain
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Topics: site documentation, sitedoc: changelog

This is Changelog 2. It is no longer being updated (2004-12-20-1542).

Latest entry


  1. To do list
  2. Daily log

Things left to do:

  1. the header at very top gets scrunched with long addresses, like for this doc, and formatting could be better.

Daily log:


0622 Since 0530 or so, been on this. News Items were defaulting to html as initial doctype. Why I don't know. So I evenually find the magic word is:


alas if this is called from addMyNewsItem even if addMyNewsItem is given manager proxy, I get an error saying I can't use setFormat in this context. Why? I don't know. If called from createAndSetDefaultLocationProperties it works. So I made a new script, setNewsItemFileType with manager proxy and call it from addMyNewsItem and all seems to be working.

More elegantly, I should handle these exceptions by type in createAndSet... But several annoyances: why was newsitem html by default? In default cmf this appears to not be the default setting? and what's with manage proxy not letting these things be done in addMyXXX scripts?

0641 After deleting all ram caches and accellerated http cache managers, the news item caching issue (News Items have strange caching behavior... after initial edit, they do not appear to change unless I use a browser other than mozilla. What's the deal?) has gone away. Even though the caches said they were empty apparrently that was not true. I had at one time cached news items to see what the effect would be. It might be good to cache the main page, but for now, while slow, it works.0643 0655 I was looking at it again... That whole time.. was it that I was changing the lead-in, but not the body?? I wonder. I thought it was broken again, but it was just that I was changing the lead in. Are news items too confusing? should I just make them same as documents??


2200 Added notes to email_form and email_admin and join_form because email for all sites on freezope has been disabled by freezope. I need to pester them more about this, or move to zettai to reenable email.


1000 two days ago, changed byline so that Xregion would link to xregion location page:

   <a href="http://carfreeuniverse.org/Members/portal_administrator/featureDocumentation#xregion">xregion</a>: <a href="xregion" tal:attributes="href string: ${here/portal_url}/l/x/${here/xregion}/" 

1015 today, when adding a funky subject "propaganda / media campaign" I realized I needed to turn on urlquoting... things had been broken for lynx for a while... but this broke ie and mozilla.

1030 So, I began with the topic page adding:

   <table tal:define="auth_filter nocall: modules/ZTUtils/LazyFilter; 
      capwords nocall: modules/string/capwords; 
      pss modules/Products/PythonScripts/standard;

to the top and:

   subjectQuoted python: pss.url_quote(subject)">
   <td><A href="topiclink" tal:attributes="href string:$portal_url/s/$subjectQuoted" tal:content="python:capwords(subject)">MySubjcet</a></td>

further down.

1033 So now I'm working on byline... and the links from the main page may need to be quoted as well?

1049 Added:

   from Products.PythonScripts.standard import url_quote


   myUrl = '<A href="%s/l/%s/%s">%s</a>'%(context.portal_url(),locationEncodeDict[boundary],url_quote(myString),myString)

to displayLocation script, and the same pss definition and:

tal:condition="python: here.xregion != ''"
tal:define="xregionQuoted python: pss.url_quote(here.xregion)"><br/>
<a href="xregion" 
tal:attributes="href string:${here/portal_url}/l/x/$xregionQuoted/" 
tal:content="string:${here/xregion}">xregion string</a></span>

to content_byline.

1104 and basically the same thing as displayLocation to displayTopic.

1109 should be done with programming issues for a while... need to get this backed up. Mom?

1115 while I needed to do that anyways, it turns out url_quote doesn't convert slashes to %2F. So.. need to filter slashes out of topics?

1145 fz was down for a bit.. may just convert "/" to "\" in the script that handles topics.

1204 that is what I ended up doing in the medatada edit script.

1206 for some reason a meeting topic with no corresponding objects is showing up.

1223 turns out it was an expired news item... (afnymeeting1) yet even though it is expired, it still is visible to people who are not logged in.. it just is not returned in searches... and the subject it contains still shows in uniqueValuesFor(Subject).

1229 not sure what to do about that, it seems like a bug. I could just retract the thing.. Not sure

1248 getting stupid the amount of time... access inactive portal content--changing the permissions on that is not having effect.

1304 so expiration is not really working... I retracted the thing- afnymeeting1. I will need to add an afny meeting link. and now.. I see a blank subject. on the topics page...

1318 so maybe that is it... added:

      subjectList python:here.makeSubjectListForTopic('Subject','');

to /cfu/portal_skins/custom/topics zpt, and the empty subject on topics page went away... but that means someone published a doc with an empty subject? Well.. not a problem. previously:

   '' was None

I don't know what happened there...

1336 I found it. VisionsOfFutureCities has one subject that is blank.

1344 finally done with this? I retracted it fiddled with it's metadata, and hte blank subject went away. in addition it looks like there are more carbusters mags online now!!

1510 spoke too soon... not having a subject loses your metadata and returns error of subject of unsupported type.... no data is saved...

1534 not in state of mind to do something complex... set subject='' instead of =None in parameter list of metadata_edit script... will require subject on publish then, I think.

1554 oh the time added:

  if workflow_action == 'publish':
    if context.Subject() == ():
        formatEmptyCommentMessage('Please specify a subject / topic on the metadata form.')

to content_status_modify. That seems to be a bug that could have annoyed newbies...


1111 Freezope turned email back on... So, removing notes I added earlier. only, sending email to author is not working. I may have the email headers wrong... need to check that out.

1128 the situation is- only the emailrestatus change is doing things properly. emailing re comments-- has problems, but succeeds in sending an email.

1759 Now, I'm wanting to have access to my writings from class last... Which brings me back to wanting to have personal subjects / topics. So I can add my docs from classes and specify personal tags that no one else will have to look at. If I were to do that, I need to:

  • change metadata edit form to handle personal subjects
  • change object creation script to add new list/tuple property to all publishable objects.
  • change metadata edit script to handle updating this document property.
  • find way of storing and retrieving list of personal subjects.
  • Find way of displaying personal subjects... They will only show up under global topic "personal," but then individuals could have their own topic pages, like members/colin/topics

The list of personal subjects can be stored in preferences? Or can we just use getuniquevals from the catalog? Ugh.

Absolute simplest solution? No programming: add docs with "personal" label. Later add the necessary property, and handle all that follows when I have a lot of free time. Initial topics would just be things like ENGL549 for classwork. I would be wanting to do this anyways for writing about what I've learned.

1850 On to something else now. Adding x-region to work in preferences.

1904 Well, I just added something new to the intro document that gets copied over. It didn't have instructions to tell them to save changes!! I hope not many people got bitten by that.

1929 An issue now is the display of member info doesn't show comments they've posted. It's working with contentvalues. I have discussionreply script formatting headers right now... need to get sendEmail to work...

1944 it says it is sending email... I've not received them yet.

1956 I think things are squared away now. I didn't have quotes around senders name, and the wordwrapping may have been causing problems.

2001 oops. I left two sendmessage() in..

2016 I'd better go home, and swim tomorrow am. A long list of things to do:

  • get member roster using catalog query, not content values so that talkback items are displayed.
  • someday, make email_admin form use same stuff as email_form.
  • add the slo-related links.
  • get x-region working in preferences to make it easier to add slo-related links. Darn, I need to be home by 9:30 to eat!
  • add slo bikelane entry http://home.onemain.com/~coyoteroadschool/Links.htm and others from http://www.hopedance.org/new/issues/44/article3.html Do I really want to do that? It will give the site good slo presence, and, familiarize me with those organizations.
  • Finish http://carfreeuniverse.org/Members/colin/opedSDSU001/
  • email cal poly planning students/ staff. fac roster on caed website.
  • what were those sites to view? ourslo.com houseyourself.com greenerandcleaner.com (not what I thought) and transcanadatrail for greenways article.
  • add docs from courses last semester with personal label, so I can search them.
  • delete test comments
  • delete test users

2045 at last, I'm out of here. hmm only one of those emails to admin I sent a while ago has arrived.


1556 Wishing I had a hidden document notes to copy the copyrighted text of an online document I refer to. To do it:

  • add the property to documents.
  • Modify one of the document edit forms to handle this field. Maybe later.
  • I need to do it. This last I hid in a class declaration. Well, a better way is to :
       <meta name="description" content="copyrighted reference text">

That works in both stx and html... Trick is not to delete it later... still need that notes field. lets add that.

1656 added:


To: createAndSetDefaultLocationProperties

And seems to work fine (I created a testdoc).

1714 That was fairly painless (editting metadata edit form and metadata edit script). Need to run script that adds it to all existing objects.

1732 Used script to add property to all pre-existing images, news items, documents, and links.

1732 Should I go ahead and add personal subject now?? since all the files are open?

1804 will leave by 1930 to be home by 2030 to eat by 2130.

1804 just hoping I don't need to make it a tuple.

1821 fz slow... at this point I should probably have two metadata_edit_forms... or one that displays an advanced and a simple view... maybe someday.

1900 Personal subjects are now in operation. There not used anywhere yet in terms of sorting content, but I can worry about that later. I don't feel like hanging out here any longer. Will back up and go. Tomorrow, won't be here.


1009 Put link above document description in link_view... less confusing that way. I think.


2104 Removed hyphen in site title and description (to carfree from car-free), to be in solidarity with carfree.com, carfreecity.us, worldcarfree.net.


1332 Changed member directory function so that it displays discussion items as well... Briefly I broke favorites, but then added it back... Not too clear on how it all works, but it works.

1517 Working on uploading word docs from coursework in spring in preparation for writing "what I have learned." Certain things cause problems: word chars like em dashes and smart quotes. I'm finding that best to do is cut and paste and then use tidy online to fix the characters... if the mac had better word doc conversion, that might work. As it is I have to re-add a lot of formatting by hand (like italics).... Need better approach.

1536 Remaining problem is that on lynx, two <br /> in a row are collapsed... Ideally, would be using <p>


1234 fixed script nItemsPublished2 to use portal_type not meta_type. Images were not getting listed at http://carfreeuniverse.org/Members/colin.

1257 Changed favorites display to use item/getRemoteUrl not item/absolute_url (this had gotten messed up in my recent modifications to index_html in the /Members directory.

1325 Made favorites sorted by CreationDate, earliest first. Cleaned up some html in the main_template.


2008 Added creation date to display in byline and cropped seconds from modification date display. Modified Member index display so that for people with many items, items are listed by date created, not date modified. I'm planning to enable a display for personal topics soon.


0046 I seem to be on a roll making unhealthy decisions. But! Personal subjects have been more fully implemented. Currently personal subject appear in the bylines of documents that have personal subjects. And, for people with 20 or more published content items, a personal subject display (a mini-version of the site-wide topic display) appears on their member page. The only one for whom that is true at the moment is colin. And I added an entry to site documentation to explain a bit about personal content.


2126 Spent the past too many hours or so... since 1700 or so, revamping the display for members with more than 20 published items... One time-consuming bug was that I did width=50% in a style statement and IE6 renders it while mozilla and, as I found, opera does not. I deleted SERVICEPACKFILES from my harddrive to make room for opera's java install, not needed... With luck I will not corrupt any of those files.

2140 So--I guess that's it for now. There are some things that could be improved- like have the "recently modified" lists not show things that are in the "recently created" lists, and come up with a better term than "recently." Unfortunately, "top 7 sorted by creation date descending order" doesn't work well either.

2146 What's next? A return to a focus on content. It would be nice to keep stuff labled "personal" out of all non-member specific areaas of the site, though. For example, when you look ... Well no, I guess it works well the way it is!


0819 Some time ago I changed intros to be sorted by date created , not date modified on the front page. For some reason, leto is stuck at the top! (I just added Frank Cook--he should be at the top.) Later on I'll try to figure out what's the matter.


1525 Ok, so something that needs to be done: if people publish work created by someone else, there should be an "Author" tag to allow distinguishing from, say, their poetry and the poetry they published for others. I have also done work recently to clean up the topic display--namely to get rid of all the personal items...

1626 added ability to search and sort on creationDate and modification date instead of the obscure "date."

1628 There also needs to be some distinction as to whether something is about poetry or actually claims to be poetry... perhaps a poetry: criticism subject. (I just realized I was complaining about a private item)

1644 cleaned up search results formatting.

1819 the reason intros aren't being sorted by date created is the method I use of creating the intros... copying them from a folder in portal_administrator's directory... Need to change that method. Or sort on the container's date..


1355 I made a script to automatically change subjects—in this case I wanted to move everything labeled magazine to media: periodical. I succeeded. But the topics list still shows there are 7 items with subject of magazine. I tried various things- but all I can figure is that a query to the catalog has been cached and it will expire someday...

1406 aha. catalogOfPublished items which the topics page queries was not getting updated.

1435 calling catalog_object on the thing fixes the problem. not reindex..

1438 to conclude, both magazine and journal (academic) subjects / topics have been replaced with media: periodical—at least until someone adds them again.


0122 It's been a while... but now I have a copy of CFU working on my laptop making it easier to work on the site. So, today I made the following improvements:

  • New Members' Introductions will now have a created date that is the date they joined the site. It used to be the same date as the file it was a copy of with the result that every new user had the same date...
  • The logged_in screen always shows the newuser instructions.

That's it... Maybe one day I'll do something about all the old Introduction files with the same dates..... Many users sign up, but never introduce themselves. I admit the metadata page is intimidating... and without the newuser instructions, most people would have no Idea what to do.


0551 epoz (the wysiwig editor) is now upgraded to version 0.8.6 !! And I worked on making a special local file chooser. In addition- I fixed the jscript for the hit counter, so the main page now validates!!

This log continues at Changelog 3.

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