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Use an xregion if the range of your document is not best specified using country, state, city, or neighborhood. Examples of when to use xregions include: you are writing a document relevant to all of Europe, or to all of South America. Xregions could also consist of watersheds, bioregions, USDA growing zones to name a few. If you are adding a new xregion, please contact the portal admin in order to get it configured. View the current xregion table. If an xregion needs to be added, the portal admin should be told what the xregion contains (countries, states, cities, neighborhoods, or other xregions), and what countries (or other entity) in particular the xregion contains.
# Items Published
The total number of objects a member has published, including images, documents, newsitems, and links.
F Times Favored
The number of times different members have added this document to their my favorites page. If you add a document to your favorites, the times favored for that document will be incremented. Deleting the favorite will not decrement the count. Adding a document to your favorites multiple times only increments the count for that document once.
personal content
Content that is not of interest to the larger carfree community. If you label content with a subject of personal on the Metadata page, this content, when published, will not appear on the front page of the site. If you want to use carfreeuniverse to publish your poetry about your cat or the papers you wrote for your botany classes, label it personal. You can further organize your personal content using personal subjects (also found on the metadata form). For example, you might create a personal subject for each of the botany classes you took so you can organize your work by class.




















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