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Changelog 1

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Added by portal_administrator #16 on 2003-04-13. Last modified 2008-03-05 08:01. Originally created 2003-04-13. F1 License: Public Domain
Location: World
Topics: site documentation, sitedoc: changelog

This log is no longer updated, it is continued at Changelog 2.

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  1. Things left to do
  2. Things completed
  3. Daily log

Things left to do:

  1. use class instead of background-color on locations table. Or make a tree of some kind.
  2. argh! folder_contents_view objects not sorted.
  3. Member pages uses content_valus for links, not catalog...
  4. divide zpts in "custom" into separate folders.
  5. Make it so that this thing isn't always at the top of recently modified docs on front page? exclude its id?
  6. Get css to validate.
  7. write script to return a list of published subjects excluding boosterism and introduction, or leave it as it is for element of randomness??
  8. make upper right links more visible/tab like (home/links documents etc)
  9. upgrade to Latest Epoz!!!
  10. Get rid of all the hard-to-read italics formatting. (done, for links)
  11. have separate subject lists for link, newsitem, and document metadata?
  12. get Doc summaries to render stx/html. (?) (done, for links)
  13. add additional instructions on dealing with word documents and pdfs.
  14. require title / summary for publication?
  15. Make Enable Discussion? in metadata yes or no, (based on settings for that type of object) not default, at first
  16. finish prefs form.
  17. design main page
  18. write my articles & see how I want metadata
  19. change metadata as appropriate.
  20. get document view shaped up (add metadata? at least license..)
  21. add search form
  22. note that any workflow comments sent out will show up in a daily public email digest detailing content published or retracted.
  23. cron jobs emailing re queries one for week, one for biweek, one for month
  24. add something to handle donations (and stars by username).
  25. fix undo bug.
  26. propogate metadata multiple subject change.
  27. let author delete comments on their work?
  28. write custom 404 error message explaining that content may be being revised?
  29. deal with delete comment bug-- or remember to delete all child comments first?
  30. Add to prefs / metadata forms "city/village" not just "city" in location specification.
  31. "change" on wysiwyg edit returns user to plain edit. change that?

Things completed since 2003-04-13-1230:

  1. 2003-04-13-1434 Implemented numberOfObjectsPublished property & its display in roster.
  2. 2003-04-21-1308 Require comments on retracting.
  3. 2003-04-21-1445 disabled management screen access to those w/o manager role.
  4. 2003-04-21-1558 bug on initial subj update fixed.
  5. 2003-04-21-1558 ghost index in place. This lets us switch over to filling in form dropdowns with values from only published items in the future.
  6. 2003-04-22-1735 made metadata handle multiple subjects
  7. 2003-04-22-1737 added times favored and items published to doc view template.
  8. 2003-04-22-1737 created & linked to documentation for timesfavored and items published.
  9. 2003-04-25-0948 fixed reply to not showing when doc set to default and default was enable discussion.
  10. 2003-04-25-1208 added license to content byline.
  11. 2003-05-16-1416 require comment preview before post.
  12. 2003-05-16-1416 email on comment feature added.
  13. 2003-05-17-1754 added two yahoo groups: one for discussing site, the other for tracking changes.
  14. 2003-05-21-2057 fixed bug/problem with nItemsPublished display/ accounting.
  15. 2003-05-23-2210 added contact author and contact portal admin feature/ forms. Author can specify s/he does not wish to be contactable in her prefs.
  16. 2003-05-24-2043 got EPOZ hooked up.
  17. 2003-06-12-1842 added news item and link listing to front page. Need better layout eventually, but at least they show for now. And fixed a bug with the news items... they were actually docs!!
  18. 2003-06-26-1132 got most of the pages to be valid html.
  19. 2003-06-26-1159 hooked up search_form. Very nice.
  20. 2003-06-29-1135 fixed leading spaces in title bug
  21. 2003-06-30-0914 implemented topic pages by location and subject and put links to them on main page.

Daily log:


1311 Now we're: making it so member prop is incremented/decremented as user publishes/ retracts a doc. and handle times favored (display); and handle license display. and set up mailing lists. And start using it as a db for the ecovillage project.

and have index & about be owned by portal_administrator.

and have p_ad be listed?

and.. do some yardwork.

1339 inc is working nice.

1434 have dec working and display in roster. Will do byline as well.

1834 moved index & about to p_ad dir

1837 new user docs now copied from subdir in p_ad

1859 working on the shadow indexes. What indexes do we need to do this for? everything used by uniqueValuesFor() (or that might later be in future), and which accepts user-entered (as opposed to selected data): country, region, city, neighborhood, subject, --- that's it.

1955 would also be useful for people searching- to search only on published values. In some ways it seems simpler to have a second catalog for published objects-- but must re-add indices, etadata.

2013 definitely appears easier that way. Add indexes we want to uniqueValuesFor for as needed- and simply update catalog

2028 found a bug: people are able to delete published content. DC Workflow is needed. but we do have another script that mods permissions,

2040 we also have an undo bug-- the link has the wrong path/ returns the wrong path, or something.

2133 wrote to mailing list asking for suggestions.


1205 we got a reply re our question- from Tres:

            You could extend the 'manage_beforeDelete' method of your object, and
cause it to raise the special BeforeDeleteException exception type::

            def manage_beforeDelete( self, item, container ):
                # Check workflow first
                wftool = getToolByName( self, 'portal_workflows' )
                state = wftool.getInfoFor( self, 'review_status' )
                if state == 'published':
                    raise BeforeDeleteException, 'Published item'
                PortalContent.manage_beforeDelete( self, item, container )

                This would prevent deletion in either the ZMI or the 'folder_contents'
view.  You would likely want to customize the 'folder_delete' skin
method as well, to catch this exception and report it sensibly to the

1213 What if we make users initially local owner? They could delete comments, edit published docs, etc. how can we count published docs? same way.

1221 changing portal roles is failing.

1306 made portal_administrator local manager, owner for toDoList, so editing can continue even while doc is published.

1312 where is the zpt that has the delete button?

1323 so what if they rename, or cut something?

1327 it looks like that is not an option for now... The manager can rename, cut, and copy..

1332 hmm- in zpt generic, folder_contents, it only lets you copy, delete, rename, if you have the view management screens permission.

1336 we could change that and let them do those things only if item is not published.

1336 sounds reasonable. No go- still not allowed.

1342 we'll have to take the chance of someone messing with it. We'll put a note on the delete script though.

1429 now, what is the deal? We also want to know if items are cut or renamed. put the same message on those scripts? Or turn the options off? Same message for cut, rename.

1437 maybe later. For now, I'll turn it off and see how I deal with it.

1444 so what now?? I believe, we continue work with our shadow indices.

1451 uncatalog on retract is not working.

1503 google & some handy documentation save the day

1504 here is my solution:


1518 what next? add an index- make sure we can use it as we might need to?

1533 so to test- add an index to it update the cat and get unique and see that it differs.

1541 problem, subject not being saved in metadata :'(

1546 prob is that if no subj selected in box then- never gets to code handling subj not in list.

1555 seems solved. so ghost index is in place and working.

1600 what now? housework? backup site and ponder what is next.-- prob site documentation. docview. Then base page design.

1622 switched on main page from using country to subject so my docs would show.


1436 were thinking we need to handle multiple subjects so can sep content by categories. Lets try to add that- should be easy.

1538 seem to have it working.

1543 what next? Doc display, feature documentation document.

1602 think I got more bugs out.

1620 looks like, when referring to anchors on zope docs one must do it like so: docname/#myAnchor note the slash.

1623 done with feature documentatin. Now, document display: include lisence- maybe fix reply button. Add times favored. Add link to roster page to site documentation. Include Items published in byline?

1733 alright- we have times favored added to docview and items published. A bug we need to look into is that the reply button shows up only if explicitly set for that doc. But must do yardwork- so see you.

1738 backing up site.


0926 I'm back. so how does reply action work?

0944 had to use: <div tal:condition="python: here.portal_discussion.isDiscussionAllowedFor(here)" >

0951 let's work on adding license.

1208 done adding license.

1216 what should we do next? Let's implement email on comment, and set up mail lists / gmane. Then implement contact document author. Then we're ready to design main page. After that we'll worry about cron jobs. That's about it! but time for a break.

1224 back up site.


1322 we have a bog- the comment is erroring on getLicenceURL which is in the byline. Check on portal_type?

1333 ok- fixed- :

            <span tal:omit-tag="" tal:condition="python: here.Type() != 'Discussion Item'">

1333 does raise the question of licenses on comments. Hmm. later.


2056 beginning work on email on comment. Also need instructions on using word docs in cfu site. Appears the following is necessary:

  1. use the msoft compact html tool: http://office.microsoft.com/downloads/2000/Msohtmf2.aspx http://www.w3.org/People/Raggett/tidy/#word2000
  2. then run output from that through htmltidy like so:
             tidy -f myErrorFile -o myOutputFile.htm --word-2000 true myInputFile.htm
  3. htmltidy can be obtained from: http://tidy.sourceforge.net/#binaries (scroll down for windows)
  4. finally, be sure to (a) specify html, not structured-text or plain text and (b) upload the file-- do not cut and paste. Note that subsequent edits will mess things up unless you use the upload file option!
  5. My recommendation? Use the mozilla html composer (visit mozilla.org - it is free!) if you want to use html and not structured text. It is possible that rigamarole is not necessary- try saving your word doc as html and uploading it. If it looks ugly- then the rigamarole probably is necessary.

2117 I should go to bed. will continue tomorrow. on email on comment.


0926 Back. Email on comment.

1034 we have it basically working, but need to clean up format of email and test it when email on comment is turned off. Also add trysending email check.

1057 almost done- should we make a new email address: portal_admin @ carfreeuniverse.org? Maybe later.

1124 problem is: context is not returnig the desired doc!

1127 maybe getobjbypath, or somethig.

1211 finally got it: request.PARENTS[1].Creator() - not PARENTS[0]

1214 may have to use PARENTS[] instead of BASE3 and URL2 - more testing.

1410 took lunch break and wrote ed email. I think I'm done with the email on comment feature.

1411 clean up after self? what happens with bad email? looks like admin gets bounces.

1417 Next up is: contact doc author form & email lists? ...

1421 db is backed up. Bye for now.

1856 back - on contact author form. carfree.com, slashdotted! to do: form and email script and mod doc view. Just modify doc reply form.

1914 added wrap paragraph from Zopelabs.

2131 well, messing around, but we have the basic form. What is left: check for contact pref. If no, do not display form. (this author does not want to be contacted). Write script to process email. Modify doc view to display link to feedback form. Replace other links on site with similar form (contact portal admin). After this, design layout, or set up email lists.? goodnight.


1342 Created

  • http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cfu-changes
  • http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cfu

1556 was fixing up main page. Let's make cfu-changes work- notify on retract/submit.

1634 played with onestat.com tracker, but turned it off.

1657 well we have cfu-changes operational, but now- they've made the email ads appear on the top.

1723 done tweaking it. Still need to work on the email form. but it is time for a break! I'll back up the site.

1732 are deleted comments not removed from catalog?

1737 seems to be a shortcoming of the delete script- needs to go through children and such as well, when parent is deleted?

1741 note that comments are published, even if parent doc is not!

1742 c-ya-


1739 now working on mail form again. Plus a few bugs:

  1. published someone's article and count for me not the creator got augmented.
  2. no location info on document view.
  3. and one other, now forgotten.

1742 so, mail form first.

1842 for some reason, when manager publishes or rejects a doc the inc/dec doc code is not run?

1852 now finding publishing incs by 2 for manager and reject decs by 2 for manager.

1854 all works fine if user handles it.

1902 same problem with submit. What is the deal?

1908 verdict: setProperties failing silently if user running setprops is not the member.

1928 the answer is the difference betwenn setProperties and setMemberProperties. setProperties only acts on the authenticated member.

1956 well, I really am not sure what to do. Could have it query catalog of published items each time. Or could just inc when user submits or publishes it, not. Let's try the catalog query. Sure it will be slow, but so what? Later try something else when we have our own server.

2007 easy enough!

2024 that bug appears to be fixed.

2056 figured out how to get the darn styles arranged to have location be the way I want it...

2100 now, write script to handle full location display.

2139 Alright. Done with that. Time to back it up and say good night! Tomorrow-- form email.


2002 mail form...

2240 got form and script done- just need to join things up and send people somewhere nice when done sending email. tomorrow.


1855 Back perhaps- not sure though. Redirect back to docview with status msg.

1903 that worked- nice.

1904 now add link to email form on docs w/ contactable authors.

1934 don't forget to delete comments on howToPublish doc.

2020 a mess. let's just make a whole new doc.

2209 done w/ emaill fiddling for now. - made form for p admin too. Next is epoz. And then?


1944 been working with epoz for a while. and eating baked beans (I baked them)

2012 it works and is installed. Works dif on ie and moz - but.

2024 alright- we could do things like let member set width and height of editor, but for now-- I'll leave it.

2042 now what? I think it is time to declare a feature freeze and focus on design/ new user documentation/experience, and so on.

2045 oh. Our notification feature doesn't work....

2049 ok then: site doc (needs to be shorter), new user experience, site design-- (need to handle links and news items), and notification feature.

2058 so- next time I work on this I'll do one of those things-- Probably design and getting links, newsitems up to speed is what I'll do first.... ???


0021 finished a slight redesign of site. Docs, links, News all on separate pages. Still need to get rid of italics. Main page highlites intros, boosterism, newly published/modified links, docs.


1203 added an introduction document to the default documents for new members in the hopes that it will make introductions easier and that more people will introduce themselves.

1242 modified logged_in to provide some helpful hints on first log on and to encourage people to introduce themselves.


1444 put \r\n at the end of more of the email notifications... maybe will make things better (receiving these messages was slow)? Still need to do email coming from the forms...


0936 the \r\n did not seem to help. Added an "add content" action to take user directory to folder factories for the currently viewed folder. Modified folder_factories to select "Link" by default to make adding links easier.




Got nocase for metadata subjects.. now for doc an link sort


           tal:repeat="subject python: sequence.sort(here.portal_catalog.uniqueValuesFor('Subject'),(('','nocase'),))"

1159 done with that


1134 got more of the pages to be valid html. why wasn't it by default? added little link to check each page.

1142 root carfreeunivers.org still has a problem with base href index.html does not. oh well!


0815 beginning work on setting up "topic pages" so that subjects and locations can have their own pages.

0842 should I make metadata list subjects only for that data type??

0850 something like topic pages then content by subject, content by location, and some chosen subjects: ecovillages, building the carfreecity.

0851 for the url: carfreeuniverse.org/topics?subject=building the carfree city&location=

0853 we'll copy the main page, and go from there? or use links page? Page needs to

0954 how about two terms: one passing the field to search on, the other passing in the search kontents. It can be expanded later.

for example:


            cfu.org?field=city&term=New York City

to expand later:

            cfu.org?field=city&term=New York City&field2=subject&term2=research.

or, could make the field term handle lists, like the search.

1018 hasattr(request,field) not working..

1101 first part basically working.

1115 I have the feeling of doing something I don't really need to do (it's already been done)

1131 Thinking about how to sort stuff. Can it be done on one catalog query? We'll try that, then do three queries by type, if one query and sorting doesn't work.

1138 pretty cool. Basic effect is achieved. One query. Definitely could make front page out of one query as well?

1142 probably should find better way of presenting the content though...

1230 made our own filterscript. Pagelayout: News: docs: links: all sorted by subject? so get list of types, filter for type, iterate, filter by next type. We should be able to manage that.

1312 discussion items stay published even when doc they were in reference to is private! Do they remain after deletion of that content Item? don't think so.

1315 problem: adding the topic url to favorites is not working.

1316 we broke it earlier today.

1328 messing with addtofavorites.

1341 made favorites addable.

1341 making addtofavorites use HTTP_REFERER not context.getRelativeUrl

1351 is this yet another thing plone has fixed??

1520 how many hours cost because Add Portal Content should have been Add portal content? 1601 well- end result is: makes a link if has wierd url makes favorite if not.

1603 back to formatting. topic box still to do.

1612 need a list of valid subjects. Why not use map? Let's try reduce.

1634 listAllowed just returns a list.

1647 you either do a query on each subject, or you iterate through a list of subjects filtering the query results for that subject.

1813 we've got it. it's in a workable state. now, the topic pages box.

1814 maybe a break???

1816 ... this is very cool. Lets backup and go. We'll worry about topic box later.

1820 shutting down. Probably done for day!


1106 working on implementing xregion

1121 every obj now has xregion property.

1134 title now stripped , xregion handled in metadata edit.

1141 I had made pl accessible to everyone, and this is a no no.

1214 pl now secure.

1215 back to xregion.

1218 it's time for a break and further planning. Need to add featured links box and topic box.

1236 added a "topics" and "locations" box... will take break and think how to make topic listing pages and location listing pages. as well as how to finish xregion.

1238 maybe also add a prime links page? for carfreecity.us and carfree.com? Yeah- later- a links box for the most important with a more... going to links page.

1240 backup and go.

1921 back and doing various things still same projects.

1957 lets make urls shorter..

2131 made s/ for subject. also incorporated with bookmarks and title.

2131 now for l/c

2206 done! lets updade the location box, backup and say goodnight.

2211 o.k. Tomorrow need to make list of locations, topics (subjects), and implement xregions. Other things on list? Conference report, tides, email to many people, order glasses, what else?/

2212 good night. We can make it all one url, can't we? yeah. lets.

2218 we need to handle a location of "World" ... how to. do a filter- on the docs, returning true if country, region, city, and so on are empty.


0704 back. Do want to have a "World" page. And the lists of locations, and subjects, and xranges, then we're done. Also, links box should not go right off-site- link them to the linkname and its view. And, search page needs to handle location as well. To get world, we can filter on country == ''..

0731 implemented viewing of pdf file images, as long as id ends with .pdf.

0823 goal: world only, then break. /l/world/only

0848 I guess we have it. It is not pretty.

0901 need to beusing getURL + view.. not just geturl. (images not displaying.)

0905 done with that-- the images cfuimage have been unpublished. World/only works. Someday, should make it /l/c/California/only. Work as well.

0910 but found that rejecting comment is not requiring comment.


heres how things should be done:

            tal:attributes="href string:${item/getURL}/view"

0913 rejecting content should now require comment.

0948 now we have /l/world/top and /l/c/California/top working

1007 ok.. and we have links to move to top level on location page... next: list of subjects/topics. and list of locations. and handling xranges.


0900 beginning work again. Goal for session: subject/topic list page (easy), then location list, then break. After break, x-range implemntation, then we can get back to writing site content.

0903 for the subject page, lets getsubject list, then do a query, and filter on each subject to get the number of objects for that subject.

1015 finished Topics page! now add it to the box on main page.

1048 to warm up: adding to search page.

1052 excellent. It will be easy, just modify form.

1121 no, alas, it is not so easy.

1129 well- needed to add them to select vars to work.

1142 done with search (ugly but functional) now..list of locations...

1143 plan is: get all items is cat of pub items. Sort on country, region, state, neighborhood. get list of countries. Filter items by country. Get unique regions in country. Should write a script given a list of items, and an attribute, returns unique values of that attribute. We'll get a list of all values, then unique it. sounds good.

1215 must reindex index after adding to metadata it appears.

1414 Got it done. need to check other browsers. Need to use class instead of repeated background-color


2120 setting up xregion table. Will this be easy?

2230 no. need to query twice at least: once for those with xregion label and else for all contained by xregion.

2230 bug: if no content, and no subject, not displaying..??

2232 seems like we need a: getItemsForLocation python script that can be expanded as necessary.

2315 well bully bully, that did the trick. We now have a simple one level-xlevel implementation that may be easy to expand.

2331 pretty cool. Can we do eastern & western europe?

0002 tentatively it works. Lets try western us eastern us,

0006 first lets find a way of displaying xregions.

0121 dmoz has regions!!

0141 we did it, we're done. Xregions are implemented, and possibly robustly. we'll see.

0142 backup the thing and get out of here. Tomorrow publish CFC content. I hope I'm done working here for a while.


2041 Spent hours upgrading epoz only to find that it is the CMF that does not allow underlining (and other things) what is the deal?? Here's my message to zope-cmf at zope dot org and discussion at freezope dot org: http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope-cmf/2003-August/019276.html


2131 Making EPOZ the default editor for documents. Will also make epoz the editor for news items. Removing action for document with the following specs: (name:Edit,id:edit,action:document_edit_form,permission:Modify portal content,category:object,visible:checked), and giving the epoz edit form the id of edit-- will that do it?

2138 do I need to have the doc type set to html in doc factory??

2140 will need to make sure this works on the old netscapes in libraries...

2145 would be nice to allow changes to doc summary on one edit form...? like with newsitem??

2203 added epoz_newsitem_edit_form. Will have to test later.

2203 Ideally the submit process would return them to whatever form they were editing from... well we'll see if what we've got works and if anyone complains.

2214 both newsitme and doc working fine with epoz- drawback it is a little slow to load epoz control. If doctype set to stx cmf is still figuring it is html.. good. done futzing I think.


0643 Added links to discussion lists. Made about page have link to site doc page. Added test user account and disabled commenting for it. Turned on onestat tracking (for now).


1303 Added links to regions in content bylines.

1303 Had to fix the mail handler due to upgrade... old way was not working (message not formatted in way it liked).

1303 Turned on underlining for WYSIWIG editor, since due to upgrade, it now works!!


1323 Added Topics: listing to byline display for all content objects.


1025 Added a box to the navbar to allow quick searching of the whole site. Ended up reverting the navbar to the default CMF code, away from CSS, which I messed with for many hours. I started at 5:30 a.m. or so... I also changed the navbar, removing links to home and to news, and adding links to topics and locations. Now, soon I will start doing the writing I wished to do.... its been a long time since I got sucked in to the computer time vortex like that... But I'd wanted to make those changes for a while.


1547 Added the following to the site's stylesheet:

             ol.spaced li {

             ol.spaced {

             ul.spaced {

             ul.spaced li {

I did this because with the upgrade to zope 6.1, stx rendering changed, and when old stx docs are edited, they will be re-rendered, and may not look the way they were intended (e.g., colin/neoprimitive). The solution is to use the rendered stx to make an html document and then to use the spaced class to add spacing to your ordered lists. e.g.:

             <ul class="spaced">
                <li>my item</li>

Probably colin is the only one who will have this problem.

1553 Another thing I've noticed is that on some old browsers logging out of the site does something to one's cookies so it is impossible to ever view the site!! Maybe I'll be looking at this more.


1210 The subject list is getting unwieldy. I updated the metadata edit form to have more save changes buttons. Propose retiring hpv and live-power subjects and replacing them with hpv (other than cycles) and live-power (other than cycles). What other factoring could be done? is this the best way? Is this what librarians study??

1215 maybe make cycling-- cycling not bicycle touring? Maybe instruct people to choose single best subject if subjects seem redundant??-- choose most specific subject. Need to make these instructions on the metadata form.

1227 done.


0402 Link descriptions/summaries now use STX! Changed zpt link_view to use new script stxifiedDescription to display the description, and uses new css ID entry #DesktopDescriptionSTX. Should probably add zpt metadata_edit_form_link to inform users they can use stx in link descriptions, but not descriptions/summares for other objects. Later?

0421 Changed zpt metadata_edit_form to inform users of change.

0422 Changing zpt image_view to work as link_view does.

0659 Revised How to publish site content and added Using STX. This needed to be done.

0701 Added link from metadata_edit_form to the stx document. Thankfully that is over. I hope it isn't abused... by me and ... well. Sometimes a document should be written instead of a long summary... for a link. But I don't feel like doing so.. For the links, perhaps the link itself should be above the description? Bye for now, time to swim! If it is abused, it is easy to switch back and I needed to revise/fix that site documentation anyways.


0652 Fixed a bug: with docs where base href was redefined to remove trailing slash, the email author link went to a blank form... added:

  tal:attributes="href string:${here/absolute_url}/email_form

in addition to what was already there:


I'm checking this out because I just got a few emails from some of the pages, with no sender, bodytext, or email to reply to.

0804 Finished adding email form validation to sendEmail script and email_form... need to make email to portal admin work the same way... eventually.

0815 now seeing what happens if base href for docs is made to not have trailing slash...

0828 had to fix link to disscussion_reply_form, as with email form. Now, Dealing with none of my pages being valid html!! (broken when adding search function??)

0831 Moving form element outside of table element... That helps re: validation, but makes page look not as I wish.

0842 it is not the ns4 hack that is giving problems...

0854 the default cmf doc has code that does not validate!!

0949 we have something working, but don't know what it looks like on NS4 check later.

0956 down to one error on main page.

1000 no traling slash is breaking old docs... hoboschool for one..

1006 the answer is, a lot of early docs with relative links are messed up:

  • hoboschool
  • travellogs
  • neoprimitive??

so, I'll worry about this later. so long!


2208 Made people enter email twice to send email to authors... Since I got and wrote a response to an email with a non-working address. :( If they enter it wrong once they might do it twice. The emailaddress in question was quite long. Added recommendation to bottom of those emails that the address be tested by the receiver before a long response is typed.


2103 Fixed doc listing on site main page so that 10 docs will be displayed even if intros and boosterism and personal docs have been published... previously the doc list eliminated docs with those and would only display the docs of the 10 last modified that did not have those subjects... resulting in a short doc list. New script: filterUnwantedSubjects added.

2353 well... almost got member page retooled to better handle large numbers... But BUG: found spaces in URLS don't work on lynx... so topics and links I just made with spaces dont work. Later if ever will worry. It isn't all links. Added nItemsPublished2 script.- uses different catalog and allows passing of itemtype.

0012 need to make a new one of these docs. this is rather long.

0030 The links page should be made shorter too-- 107 links at least. with all that subject iteration... no Ideas now.

This log continues at Changelog 2.

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