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Update April 2005

Progress on the site.

Added by rod #6 on 2005-04-02. Last modified 2005-10-24 21:36. Originally created 2005-04-02. F0 License: All rights reserved
Location: World, United States, North Carolina, Black Mountain, Earthaven
Topics: agriculture, ecovillages, housing, natural home, permaculture

UPDATE (2005-10-24): Visit my new home page for the latest news.

Here are pictures of the homestead that I am getting close to complete. Nearly all of the materials came from the site - wood, sand, clay, stone. Some elements include adobe, cob, cordwood, earthsack, vertical crawl space, living roof (garden), passive solar, off the grid with three solar panels providing ample electricity since I use LED lights (one watt each) and a refrigerator that takes 150 watts a day, slab and wood tile floors, rain water catchment, spring water for drinking - no payments, no utility bills!! Having a simple living style makes life more fun and much less stressful. Am starting a polyculture, mountainside agriculture system now.

Here's a picture of the house from November 2004:


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