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Link Labyrinths remote url Link 2005-04-27 2005-04-27
  Thanks to Bonnie Brewster Munroe at the "2005 SDSU Graduate Student Board Conference":http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/~gsb/confprog.htm (third from bottom), I got to walk a labyrinth, a canvas 7-circuit labyrinth that she had rolled out on the floor of a large conference room. I walked it with 12 other people. It was like a dance that we danced just by following the lines. I was very impressed. I want to tell you all to find a labyrinth to walk if you can. The circuits took me almost all the way around the circle and at each turn I felt a new vista open. I hope to get the people at the "Kroc Center":http://www.kroccenter.com/ to have a labyrinth there. o google on "labyrinth":http://www.google.com/search?q=labyrinth o "the labyrinth society":http://www.labyrinthsociety.org/ The "grace cathedral page":http://www.gracecathedral.org/labyrinth/ has a picture right on it-- so I made it the link for this link.
Document Feral ballerina Document 2005-04-04 2005-04-26 2005-04-04
  The old title was "Anarcho-/Neo-primitive MA Lit student at SDSU, age 29, seeks feral ballerina to forage and dance with." Here is the original description: I'm being too distracted by my desire for female friends, and if possible, a lover, so I'm developing a strategy for addressing this need I have. I will consider my desires and in what areas I may need to change, develop, or compromise in order to appeal to this woman.
Document The ITP Kata by George Leonard and Michael Murphy Document 2005-01-11 2007-10-05 2005-01-11
  This will be here until the authors (their publishers, more likely) complain. Their book is worth buying and owning--and I say that about few books. I only occasionally do the whole thing, but frequently do parts and variations of parts of this. It is a life-changing book and practice!
Document Colin's quarterly update #2: Return to civilization? Document 2003-12-09 2008-03-05 2003-12-09
  This is a web version of the post to FriendsOfColin list. I encourage everyone to share what they've learned three or so times a year, and this is my attempt to do that. If you start doing this, please put me on your list!
Document Colin's current philosophical framework (anarcho / neo primitivism, with an eye out for the integral), and its development Document 2003-09-20 2008-03-06 2003-09-20
  I've been influenced by John Zerzan, Derrick Jensen, Tom Elpel, Tom Brown, Dorothy Freed, and others writing about anarchoprimitivism/neoprimitive/simple ways of living. Here I share some thoughts and links to work that have encouraged me in my current path. I'm also aware of Ken Wilber, whose philosophy may suggest a different direction.


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