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Document Engl 549 reReading Journal #2 Eliot, Keats, Yeats, Thomas Document 2004-06-16 2004-06-16 2004-06-16
  the last assignment I did for the class.
Document The use of imagery, sound effects, and poetic form in Keats' Ode on a Grecian Urn Document 2004-06-16 2008-03-05 2004-06-16
  I will write about how Keats in Ode on a Grecian Urn uses imagery, sound effects, and poetic form first to create a beautiful poem and second to explore his concerns about art and life. My thesis is that poetic form, imagery, and sound effects work together effectively in Ode to help the reader share Keats' experience of his philosophic and artistic concerns.
Image Christopher Deel & his senior project Image 2004-06-24 2004-06-24
  Christopher Deel is a carfree guy I just found out about. I've copied his "senior project":http://errabundi.org/archives/000510.html here (for safekeeping. Note the carfree elements. I heard he might have an essay focused entirely on carfreeness, also). His blog is at "errabundi.org":http://errabundi.org/. I don't know how you're supposed to contact him from the blog page, but his email is cdeel at mailblocks.com.
Link How bad is your air? American Lung Association State of the Air 2004 Report remote url Link 2004-06-25 2004-06-25
  Breathing dirty air? You can find out with the American Lung Association State of the Air 2004 report. Click on your state in the map below to check YOUR air and learn how ozone and particle pollution hurts your lungs - and "what you can do to protect yourself":http://lungaction.org/reports/sota04_top10.html.
Image Colin, Zach, Ruichi, Eugene in the kitchen at Hostel Obispo Image 2004-06-29 2004-06-29
  From left to right "Zach Ordonez":http://zozphotoz.com, Colin Leath, Ruichi Nakamura, and Eugene ?? on 2004-05-?? Photographer?
Image The goats Aslan and Billy with the human Dana Image 2004-06-30 2004-06-30
  photographer Rod Rylander, probably.
Image The barn interior. Andy working on floor. Image 2004-06-30 2004-10-10
  Rod Rylander probably the photographer.
Image Rylander Homesite - Lower Rosy Branch Neighborhood - June 2004 Image 2004-06-30 2004-06-30
  Attached is a photo of our house in progress. We have installed the strawbales on the roof for insulation and have epdm over them. We will now put dirt on top. WE have made about 2,000 adobe brick with a cinva ram press. We will now start up with our adobe, cob, clay straw slip, and cordwood walls. Our pond is about half full. The side of the mountain is tall with grasses and weeds. We have various fruit trees and grapes planted. Hopefully we will have the house and greenhouse basically finished in about two months. Rod
Image Lower East Side Wabisabi Image 2004-06-30 2008-03-05
  Originally this was linked to from "hoboschool":../hoboschool/ and linked to "http://www.6bgarden.org/images/galley1/william9.jpg":http://www.6bgarden.org/images/galley1/william9.jpg. A site on "6bgarden.org":http://www.6bgarden.org/#gallery. But it's not up any more and this was the largest version I could find (from google's cache). Linking to others' images is risky and not the best netiquette, admittedly. It is a sort of sculpture a guy built on his community garden plot that is some 40 feet high.
Link Andrew Moore's literature study guides remote url Link 2004-07-23 2004-07-30
  Notable. The Arden Editions of Shakespeare *are* much better (as Moore recommends).
Link Triangulating Shakespeare remote url Link 2004-07-23 2004-07-23
  Found when searching for Greenblatt's *Shakespearean Negotiations*.
Link Christopher Hume - a carfree columnist remote url Link 2004-07-23 2004-07-23
  Any aspiring carfree op-ed writer should study "Christopher Hume":http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=thestar/Render&c=Page&cid=970599109774&ce=Columnist&colid=969907619189's work. He is an architechture critic for the Toronto Star. A provocative Hume quote: "The North American ideal, which in many ways is profoundly anti-urban, is based not on the family, as we like to think, but on the home. Home is a place, a man's castle, inviolate and separate from what's around it. In Europe, on the other hand, a man's castle is his city. It is living room, dining room, backyard and vehicle. The streets are his hallways and the parks his garden." I had some bio information... but can't find it. "Google on Hume":http://www.google.com/search?q=%22christopher+hume%22
Link study abroad SFSU remote url Link 2004-07-25 2004-07-25
  SFSU study abroad
Link The Foundation Center remote url Link 2004-08-01 2004-08-01
  This place looks useful for those trying to get grants. Conceivably the following article could be of interest... but at the moment the highways.org site it links to is down: "Connections - Unclogging America's Highways":http://fdncenter.org/pnd/connections/conn_item.jhtml?id=73300002.
Discussion Item Citing Shakespeare, MLA style Discussion Item 2004-08-01 2004-08-01
  Citing Shakespeare, MLA style
Link Stop eating and drinking plastic? remote url Link 2004-08-05 2004-08-05
  I had thought I should get plastic out of my life. Upon seeing a display selling polycarbonate drinking jugs at "Rainbow Grocery":http://www.rainbowgrocery.coop/, I made a note. Perhaps it was "Pure Water Systems":http://www.purewatersystems.com/frig_bottle.php ("leaching of contaminants is no longer an issue with high quality polycarbonates"). Polycarbonate *is* plastic. Here is "Consumer Reports":http://www.consumerreports.org/main/content/display_report.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=341437&ASSORTMENT%3C%3East_id=333139 ("Eight of the ten 5-gallon polycarbonate jugs we checked left residues of the endocrine disrupter, bisphenol A, in the water"). Here's the "Berkeley Wellness Letter":http://www.berkeleywellness.com/html/fw/fwLon12Water.html :<blockquote>Plastic containers are not as weighty as glass, but they can affect the water inside. Clear polyethylene plastic has little or no effect. Thick opaque containers can impart a plastic flavor. Big rigid polycarbonate water-cooler jugs can leave chemical residues.</blockquote> o "wikipedia on polycarbonate":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polycarbonate o "google on polycarbonate":http://www.google.com/search?q=polycarbonate Two days later, I walked by the Berkeley ecology center and picked up their flyer on "Adverse health effects of PLASTIC":http://ecologycenter.org/erc/fact_sheets/plastichealtheffects.html. Two days after that, I left my tupperware that I'd been eating out of, microwave cooking in, and storing food in for years somewhere by accident. (and my favorite metal spoon). Now that I look into it even tupperware recommends not using such a thing for microwave cooking. From Goodwill I got a pyrex bowl and a plate to use for a top when cooking in the microwave. I already had a lightweight stainless steel cookpot. Real hobos use fire. Urban ones, whatever- Today I see this: The "culture change letter on plastics":http://www.culturechange.org/e-letter-plastics_enemy.html. And the article it links to, "Get plastic out of your diet":http://www.mindfully.org/Plastic/Plasticizers/Out-Of-Diet-PG5nov03.htm. I have yet to start carrying around a glass water bottle or no water bottle... (at earthaven some use mason jars). And the piping they use in new construction is plastic isn't it? This may be a quixotic endeavor. There's nothing wrong with "pyrex":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrex is there? In ceramics, lead is the killer. You avoid aluminum already? More on aluminum: o "wikipedia":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminum#Precautions o "More alarmist and includes Teflon":http://www.islamonline.net/english/science/2003/09/article18.shtml (with good references) "Pyrex-like glass or Corning ware-type ceramics are safest..." I'm not finding much on corningware. Also- what are those light glass coffee pots made of? o "less alarmist":http://www.madsci.org/posts/archives/nov2000/974150903.Ch.r.html o Google on "aluminum+cook+toxic":http://www.google.com/search?q=aluminum+cook+toxic o Google on "teflon+cook+toxic":http://www.google.com/search?q=teflon+cook+toxic Plastic bags are another challenge&mdash;not to mention plastic clothes, and my foam sleeping pad which visibly deteriorates over time. I re-use plastic bags but should use light cloth... And for filling things up at the bulk bins? (Keep in mind I'm a pedestrian and without house). Small paper bags or animal skin, with tare weights... And with the animal skin, must consider tanning process. And if the animal was eating plastic. What is most likely to kill me? Cars (made out of plastic)? But this is about aesthetics, and living a beautiful life. Remember "Kitchen as Temple":http://carfreeuniverse.org/Members/colin/update00002#KAT ? My teeth have been sealed. I eat things from tin cans (inside coated with plastic)? I grind my teeth? This keyboard is plastic? This table? This carpet? ...
Discussion Item Plastic alternatives? Discussion Item 2004-08-08 2004-08-08
  Plastic alternatives?
Link Peter Kolbe remote url Link 2004-08-13 2004-08-13
  A good friend in NYC. I met him at a "hostel":http://www.jimsdeli.com/new-york-city-hostel/ny-connection.htm in Williamsburg when I visited NYC in January of 2001. In August I stayed with him for two weeks while I found my first place... (back in the days when I paid rent). He's really into bikes (bicycles), but because he relishes remembering his days of driving a pickup truck with nekkid woman mud flaps in Charleston, SC (or was it Charlotte, NC?), he is loathe to endorse the carfree vision! He learned how to ride my "recumbent":http://carfreeuniverse.org/Members/colin/reynoldsWeldLab in one evening. Someday I'll get to see him again... and I'm not sure he wants this page here... but this is to make it easier for me to see if *his* website ever changes.
Discussion Item similar imagery in Henry IV p. 1 Discussion Item 2004-08-30 2004-08-30
  similar imagery in Henry IV p. 1
Document Is there love in A Midsummer Night's Dream? Document 2004-08-30 2004-08-30 2004-08-30
  The major paper for ENGL 583. I look at the behavior and context of the characters to understand how a comedy with three marriages and as many as seven lovers almost concludes without a portrayal of love that satisfies me.
Link Snakegirl dot net, home of Beverly Thomson remote url Link 2004-09-11 2004-09-11
  I may have her last name wrong. I found her web site by searching for "squat nyc" back in 2001. I sent her an email, and later ran into her on the subway, recognizing her from a picture on her website. The cool sort of thing that happens in the pedestrian world of NYC. We don't keep in touch (except perhaps this way), and *friend* isn't quite the right word for someone I've only spent a bit of time with. But she amazes me, as she seems as made for the academic world as I am circumspect and hesitant about it, and she is a hard-core activist, a la "starhawk," and these counter-culture rock stars I like to keep in the corner of my eye. There are parallels in my mind between her and "Rebecca Spencer":http://genetics.mgh.harvard.edu/LeeWeb/lab%20personnel/rebeccaspencer.html, and also with "Patrick Wong":http://www.geocities.com/utpwong/, but only because I'm thinking of like-aged people I know in academia... and Patrick really tore that up. On the other hand&mdash;
Discussion Item Activism and spirituality and ... Discussion Item 2004-09-11 2004-09-11
  Activism and spirituality and ...
Discussion Item A quote for us- Discussion Item 2004-09-11 2004-09-11
  A quote for us-
Link Wookie and Sara Janes walk the pacific coast trail remote url Link 2004-10-02 2004-10-02
  Another long walking adventure for the archives. I don't think that many people do the coast trail (as compared to the crest trail). I've thought about doing an article an all the various non-motorized North American trail projects, for people and for animals (e.g., "the wildlands project":http://www.twp.org/). For now, here's a link to "coasttrails.org":http://www.coasttrails.org/.
Link San Diego Earth Times remote url Link 2004-10-02 2004-10-30
  "San Diego Earth Times presents articles covering a wide variety of local, national and international environmental topics." Carolyn Chase, the editor, is a significant local activist.

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