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Document Frank Cook's journey through India Document 2004-03-29 2005-03-21 2004-03-29
  These are the updates Frank Cook sent about his trip in India. They describe his explorations of culture, plant life, human uses of plants, and Ayurvedic and Nature Cure approaches to health and healing.
Document Tierra del Sol y las Tortugas Document 2004-09-11 2008-03-05 2004-09-11
  Daniel and Karen of Cruzada Ciclista Por un Munda Mejor write of their time in Oaxaca, Mexico. Karen and Daniel are bicycling through Latin America educating and learning about environmental issues.
Document An inquiry into living while walking the roads of America, Mexico, and beyond. Document 2004-10-23 2008-03-05 2004-10-23
  A few years ago, Jeffrey Sawyer quit his job, sold all his possessions, and set out walking from Asheville, North Carolina. He had no destination in mind and no goal except to inquire into the meaning of life, love, and freedom. After traveling as far as Minnesota, he returned to where he started. Since then he has taken many such journeys, not only in the continental U.S. but in Mexico, Hawaii, and Southeast Asia. Everywhere he goes, he carries little or no money and does most of his traveling on foot. The following excerpts are from a completed manuscript about his experiences on the road. A select number of printed versions remain available for free, or if inclined, on donation, upon request. (Update--November 2007--: the book, _An Inquiry Into Living_, will be available soon.)


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