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Link William Rawls, Super-Human Computer Programmer remote url Link 2004-10-17 2005-10-04
  One of the greatest people I have met. I don't doubt he has problems like the rest of us (hating exercise, for one), but if there ever was a real-life Falstaff (who Howard Bloom calls the smartest of Shakespeare's characters), this might be him. I wish there was someone like him in my life now! I only worked with him for a year or less. His pet project at the time was "sliceanddice":http://www.sliceanddice.com/ --if he could play it right, it could lead/may have already led to great things. Here is his "Primer for Ablitic Programming":http://www.sliceanddice.com/cpp.html, which I confess I haven't read carefully, at least not recently, that if combined with his portrait of himself captures some of what he's like in person. I hope you're well William!
Discussion Item Activism and spirituality and ... Discussion Item 2004-09-11 2004-09-11
  Activism and spirituality and ...
Link Snakegirl dot net, home of Beverly Thomson remote url Link 2004-09-11 2004-09-11
  I may have her last name wrong. I found her web site by searching for "squat nyc" back in 2001. I sent her an email, and later ran into her on the subway, recognizing her from a picture on her website. The cool sort of thing that happens in the pedestrian world of NYC. We don't keep in touch (except perhaps this way), and *friend* isn't quite the right word for someone I've only spent a bit of time with. But she amazes me, as she seems as made for the academic world as I am circumspect and hesitant about it, and she is a hard-core activist, a la "starhawk," and these counter-culture rock stars I like to keep in the corner of my eye. There are parallels in my mind between her and "Rebecca Spencer":http://genetics.mgh.harvard.edu/LeeWeb/lab%20personnel/rebeccaspencer.html, and also with "Patrick Wong":http://www.geocities.com/utpwong/, but only because I'm thinking of like-aged people I know in academia... and Patrick really tore that up. On the other hand—
Link Peter Kolbe remote url Link 2004-08-13 2004-08-13
  A good friend in NYC. I met him at a "hostel":http://www.jimsdeli.com/new-york-city-hostel/ny-connection.htm in Williamsburg when I visited NYC in January of 2001. In August I stayed with him for two weeks while I found my first place... (back in the days when I paid rent). He's really into bikes (bicycles), but because he relishes remembering his days of driving a pickup truck with nekkid woman mud flaps in Charleston, SC (or was it Charlotte, NC?), he is loathe to endorse the carfree vision! He learned how to ride my "recumbent":http://carfreeuniverse.org/Members/colin/reynoldsWeldLab in one evening. Someday I'll get to see him again... and I'm not sure he wants this page here... but this is to make it easier for me to see if *his* website ever changes.


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