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Document "May I help us be at peace." and the complementarity of buddhism and permaculture Document 2007-06-23 2007-07-06 2007-06-23
  There are ways to use or to hold the body-mind to be at peace.
Document Comments on Heathcote Williams' AUTOGEDDON Document 2005-11-20 2005-11-23 2005-11-20
  These are comments and a bit of analysis on both the version of AUTOGEDDON published in the _Whole Earth Review_ in 1987, as well as the significantly longer illustrated version published in the US in 1991. Things discussed include: implications of the work; the potential of making the full text more available; how I discovered it; and related texts.
Document Analysis of feral ballerina Document 2005-04-26 2005-04-27 2005-04-26
  This is an initial analysis of the "feral ballerina" personal ad.
Document Colin's current philosophical framework (anarcho / neo primitivism, with an eye out for the integral), and its development Document 2003-09-20 2008-03-06 2003-09-20
  I've been influenced by John Zerzan, Derrick Jensen, Tom Elpel, Tom Brown, Dorothy Freed, and others writing about anarchoprimitivism/neoprimitive/simple ways of living. Here I share some thoughts and links to work that have encouraged me in my current path. I'm also aware of Ken Wilber, whose philosophy may suggest a different direction.


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