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Document what no one does Document 2005-01-11 2005-01-11 2005-01-11
  Further exploration of the idea that the things most worth knowing and doing do not call attention to themselves. I credit _Encounters with Chinese hermits_ with showing me this perspective. A writing prompt in Spanish class to which I responded with a title, "Mira a lo que no ve" (that may be incorrect Spanish) set this off. I also see the influence of the Ground, Relax, Awareness, Center, Energy (GRACE) part of the ITP Kata routine. Well, I see a lot of things here, including reaction to mass movements and enthusiasms. And a Wilberian (Ken Wilber) or Zen sort of outlook.
Document The ITP Kata by George Leonard and Michael Murphy Document 2005-01-11 2007-10-05 2005-01-11
  This will be here until the authors (their publishers, more likely) complain. Their book is worth buying and owning--and I say that about few books. I only occasionally do the whole thing, but frequently do parts and variations of parts of this. It is a life-changing book and practice!

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