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Ken and Roberta Avedor's Illichville

Link: http://www.avidorstudios.com/I-home.html

Another visualization of the carfree city in the US. They go further than the carfreecity.us group: no factory made goods, no chains, incorporation in order to exercize greater control over the commerce that occurs within (as is done in Disney Land). I like it. Fits in very well with the "ecovillage" concept... As yet still a visualization. Can and how long will it take for these visualizations to become reality. I note the lack of animal-drawn vehicles in the illustrations. You guys have got to get to mexico (or simply go back in time 100 years!). You will find animals... The car/truck replaced/augmented the horse and carriage and railroad, and canal.

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Location: World, United States
Topics: building the carfree city, ecovillages, Our Culture, permaculture, philosophy, planned cities, urban planning

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