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Permaculture Projects

A pointer to Colin's current permaculture focus.

Location: Pueblo Watershed, Turtle Island, Earthcare Nation (since site software does not yet handle Earthcare Nation place names well)

Permaculture is what I'm orienting myself to now. If you read Permaculture: A Designers' Manual and Travels in Dreams by Bill Mollison you will understand why. I hope to explain more later.

Long term: I will stay here (4602 Seminole) until at least January 2007, honing gardening and permaculture skills. If my grandma dies, I may have to leave, and move to the family farm in TN. But I mean to help organize the permaculture gathering and may generate great connections here. I also feel drawn south (of the border, not to TN). I also feel drawn to stay in one place and make magic happen where I am, and experience the magic of others (foodnotlawns, electricwarriors), watching and helping this place transform. My time is my own these days (?). I make some cash working part time at the Kroc Center as a Challenge Course Facilitator. I pay no rent, no insurance, no (or minimal) income tax. That's the situation. A big challenge continues to be my inelegant way of eating, but growing more food here I think will help with that, and other joyful things: playing the violin, keyboard, singing, dance, enjoying more of the fun of the city: rainbow drumming, Balboa Park. We'll see. As long as I take time to do the Kata and meet with local friends, as well as the permaculture stuff, I keep loving living. When I get off the routine--stay up late, don't eat right, don't kata. . . then "I want to die" thoughts surface. This here to remind me, and to be honest. My way of living is not effortless, this place is not perfect, and I continue to entertain dreams of elsewhere, of other ways of living. But I believe that if we all cultivate our garden, as per Voltaire--wounded, damaged, hindered, weathered, rotted, diseased, distracted (and still living!) though we may be--we'll see beauty. The Pueblo Watershed and the human culture here can benefit from human care. And land trusts.

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