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Adam Wroblewski

Vivid cyclist + pedestrian, I have lived carfree in Poland, NYC, Boston, Chicago, and now Champoaign, IL. Studying urban planning here, interested in getting to know other planners / students who want to promote / work towards carfree living environments, bike-friendly neighborhoods, extensive, reliable and cheap public transit (or mass transit - it DOES NOT have to be public to be successful) and dense, pedestrian-oriented developments. Cheers!

Added by czarnybocian #1 on 2003-06-22. Last modified 2004-06-24 23:06. Originally created 2003-06-22. F0 License: Attribution
Location: World, United States, Illinois, Champaign
xregion: North America

Topics: activism, bike punx, building the carfree city, carfree places, community, immigration issues, introduction, public transit, transport: rail, urban planning

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