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Document Report on time spent with the Oxford English Dictionary [OED] Document 2004-06-14 2007-10-05 2004-06-14
  The first assignment for engl549, British poetry and its medium, taught by Jerry Farber at San Diego State University, Spring 2004.
Document Tabling & Workshopping at the greenearthfestival Document 2004-06-10 2008-03-05 2004-06-10
  Details of the saga & accounting.
Document Public comment to planning commission on SLO Marketplace EIR Document 2004-05-27 2008-03-05 2004-05-27
  2004-05-26 7 p.m. - 11 p.m. (it continued, I left). I wrote these notes while listening to the presentation.
Document Letter to Editor re: "free market" Document 2004-05-24 2008-03-05 2004-05-24
  A response to some foolishness. (should I be spending my time on this?) Actually, if I take it seriously and treat everyone with respect I'd delete the preceeding and simply write: Response to editorial with highlighted text (what is the techinical term for that set apart and bolded text?),
Document Carfree Movement opinion piece for San Diego State Daily Aztec Document 2004-05-23 2008-03-05 2004-05-23
  This details the process and results of attempting to become an opinion writer for San Diego State's _Daily Aztec_ paper. It includes tips on opinion writing for campus papers, the two versions of the carfree movement op-ed piece I submitted, and carfree yahoogroup members' comments on an early draft of the first version. I conclude with some thoughts about what I learned from the experience, and what I and others might take away from it for next time.
Document The Carfree Movement: a one-minute speech for a green festival Document 2004-05-23 2004-05-27 2004-05-23
  This is a one-minute speech for the first annual GreenEarth festival (http://hopedance.org/new/greenfest.html).
Document Carless and Carfree Document 2004-05-21 2004-05-21 2004-05-21
  Marylaine Block's "Carless and Carfree" column from September 1996. I copied it here to format it a bit better. She didn't want the whole thing here, because she wanted people to visit her site... but the format on her site is hard to read... just so you know I'm being arrogant and disrespectful (and figuring nothing really bad will happen...). The original is at: http://marylaine.com/myword/cars.html
Document The reality Document 2004-05-20 2008-03-05 2004-05-20
  A better formatted version of http://hopedance.org/archive/40/articles/20.html. My comments are at http://purl.oclc.org/net/cfu/Members/colin/theRealityCar
Document The critical mass rap Document 2004-04-18 2004-04-18 2004-04-18
  The critical mass rap. Courtesy of massbike and Stephen LaMarca.
Document Lord, Mr. Ford, what have you done? Document 2004-04-18 2008-03-05 2004-04-18
  I love it. Written by Dick Feller, the easiest recording to find online is by Jerry Reed. Yet there are translations of the song in several languages... be the first to tell me about a translation and recording (a link or means of finding the file) that I don't know about.
Document Heather Lev - Carfree music Document 2004-04-16 2008-03-05 2004-04-16
  Lyrics and links to Heather Lev's carfree songs. Reprinted by permission (Carbusters Magazine #19 March-May 2004).
Document Political activism as an aspect of practice Document 2004-03-26 2008-03-05 2004-03-26
  Save the world by doing nothing? Or maybe by being focused on a few important things and resisting distractions? Or..
Document Ira Progoff: what he means to me Document 2004-03-08 2008-03-05 2004-03-08
  I mention Progoff so much, I thought I should have a page explaining a bit about what I mean by Progoff.
Document Analysis: Ten steps to a new vision Document 2004-03-08 2005-04-02 2004-03-08
  *Ten steps to a new vision* expresses a vision of a mass dialog that addresses "Where are we going as a people, and what is my part in it?" *Ten steps* is targeted at a more general audience than is *Four men in a room*. At the same time, *Ten steps* retains language and themes specific to the author's outlook, and is a sort of self- and subculture-satire.
Document Ken Wilber: what he means to Colin Document 2004-03-07 2008-03-05 2004-03-07
  I mention Ken Wilber so much, I thought I should have a page explaining a bit about what I mean by Ken Wilber.
Document Analysis: Four men in a room Document 2004-03-07 2007-10-05 2004-03-07
  The vision expressed in the script *Four men in a room* is explored. Some basic questions about the expressive form and content of the play are addressed.
Document Four men in a room Document 2004-03-05 2005-03-28 2004-03-05
  Four guys plot how to save the world.
Document Ten steps to a new vision Document 2004-03-03 2005-03-28 2004-03-03
  Feeling visionless? Not sure where you're going or why? Totally lost? Good news! You're about to start forming a vision... just as soon as you finish reading this.
Document Vision Research Project document index Document 2004-02-28 2005-03-28 2004-02-28
  The following documents are part of the ongoing Vision Research Project (VRP).
Document Vision Research Project: overview and methodology Document 2004-02-25 2007-10-05 2004-02-25
  The abstract concept of vision (defined here as a projection of one's current self into an imagined future) is presented, and reasons why the concept is of interest are discussed. A research program for improving (1) our understanding of visions and (2) our ability to express and share visions is outlined.
Document Recording voice or music for this site Document 2004-02-21 2008-03-05 2004-02-21
  Suggestions on making recordings for this site.
Document First (?) International Carfree Poetry Exhibition Document 2004-02-18 2008-03-05 2004-02-18
  So far we have Russia, the United Kingdom, and (elsewhere on the site) the United States represented. Be the first to submit a visionary mythopoetic work from your country in your language! This web site seems to handle languages fine. Authors retain their own copyrights.
Document Freighter Travel Document 2004-02-16 2008-03-05 2004-02-16
  Travel the world by ship, not by plane, and not by cruise ship. I had heard of this, and searched for information on line, but until seeing an article by Alison DeRosa in the Travel section of the 2004-02-15 San Diego Union Tribune, I remained in the dark. Here's some links to get us started.
Document Blue Chill Document 2004-02-06 2004-02-06 2004-02-06
  How landscape affects behavior. If I could make it interesting for us both I would/will continue the trip along the running route. I open the iron grated door step onto cement walk. Survey dawn over Seminole Dr. Not drawn to walk, I return inside, knowing, I'd be walking were I in ________. Dented glass -> ocean. Blue chill plain -> dawn sky.
Document untitled 000001 Document 2004-01-30 2004-02-16 2004-01-30
  A voice/vision I heard/imagined. The shards of glass are reminiscent of Richard Wilbur's poem "Junk".

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