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Image Markus in Prague Image 2003-06-19 2003-07-06
  Markus Heller by Orest
Image Randy Ghent by Orest Image 2003-06-23 2003-07-06
  Randy at TCFCIII
Image Ell with orange dog Image 2003-06-24 2003-07-06
  Ell in Prague with dog by Alexy
Image David Ceaser Image 2003-06-24 2003-07-06
  David C in front of tower by Orest.
Image Todd Edelman by Alexy Image 2003-06-24 2003-07-06
  Todd Edelman by Alexy
Image Oscar Edmundo Diaz by Alexy Image 2003-06-24 2003-07-06
  Oscar Edmundo Diaz by Alexy
Image vlad by Alexy Image 2003-06-24 2003-07-06
  Vlad by Alexy
Image final by alexy Image 2003-06-24 2003-07-06
  final by alexy
Image piotr by orest Image 2003-06-24 2003-07-06
  piotr by orest
Image Colin at TCFCIII Image 2003-06-26 2004-06-29
  Photo by Orest?
Image Where I lived at earthaven ecovillage Image 2003-08-30 2003-09-03
  Photographer: Rod Rylander. This is where I lived for about a month at earthaven ecovillage (http://earthaven.org)
Image Where I lived at Earthaven (close) Image 2003-08-30 2003-09-03
  Photographer: Rod Rylander. I lived here for about a month at Earthaven ecovillage.
Image Dad on Row Bike Image 2003-09-03 2003-09-03
  This is my dad on his rowbike. (shows how cool he is). Is the photographer my mom? This is Scott Olson's rowbike... Find out more at http://rowbike.com. I, however, recommend the thys rowing bike if you have the money (http://rowingbike.com). My dad is also the one who got me into windsurfing! I got to try the thing, and personally I'd rather spend the money on a stationary rowing machine (an erg). Maybe he'll write about his experience of it here?
Image Frank Cook Image 2003-09-06 2003-09-06
  This picture came from: http://www.herbsheal.com/faculty.htm intended to go with: http://carfreeuniverse.org/Members/colin/hoboschool/
Image Map for walk with frank cook to North carolina school of holistic herbalism Image 2003-09-06 2003-09-06
  http://maps.yahoo.com/dd_result?ed=u8q2E.V.wilJBIdqBU_HV8oPrYmI7rcoYtPEZJBA81A9UGBtl17F8RA-&csz=28711&country=us&tcsz=Leicester%2C+NC+28748&tcountry=us&terr=3003 41.3 miles driving time 1 hr 5 mins 1025 camp elliott rd 28711 to Morrow branch road 28748 for article http://carfreeuniverse.org/Members/colin/hoboschool/
Image Rod Rylander Image 2003-09-07 2003-09-07
  (No description)
Image Colin Leath at Gay Hill, Texas on Adventure Cycling Southern Tier Route Image 2003-10-27 2003-10-27
  Colin Leath at Gay Hill, Texas on Adventure Cycling Southern Tier Route. Photographer: Gail Sisco
Image Colin in Laguna San Marcos by Rose (Nuberos) with sign Image 2003-11-03 2003-11-03
  Colin in Laguna San Marcos by Rose (Nuberos)with sign
Image Colin resting in Laguna San Marcos by Rose (Nuberos) Image 2003-11-03 2003-11-03
  Colin resting in Laguna San Marcos by Rose (Nuberos)
Image a poster proposal Image 2004-05-30 2004-06-02
  This is an example of a visual meant to create awareness of and demand for the carfree ideal... propaganda, marketing, visionary art, however you wish to call it. This was designed with creating a compelling display for a greenfestival in mind. Costs for printing things like this can be expensive... Not to mention actually figuring out how to make the poster and produce a reasonable-quality large-scale print... I'd put some text like website urls in the lower right. The basic Idea was copied from the andy singer cartoon on the front of http://carfreecity.us... the full version of that cartoon has a quip about dividing the city into driving and non-driving sections... I saw that cartoon online somewhere. (In carfree seattle's "your guide to going carfree" http://www.thinksmall.org/car-free/ ) Thanks to Joel Crawford's carfree.com for the following images: o http://www.carfree.com/cpix/9usa0125.jpg o http://www.carfree.com/cpix/7ven2322.jpg o and the reference district Thanks (did not ask permission) to http://jenniferyork.com/images5/cloverleaf.jpg for the cloverleaf. Incidentally, Joel's cloverleaf city plan (http://www.carfree.com/zzz_about.html) might be a better image for the lower right. I made it on a mac using adobe illustrator which so far has worked very well and it was easy to do. Dimensions of the poster are 24" x 36". This should cost under $15 to print on photo satin paper at 300 dpi (or maybe it was higher?).
Image business cards black & white w/ cut lines 132 kb Image 2004-06-02 2008-03-05
  Please give feedback. Made using adobe InDesign. Advertises carfree.com, carfreecity.us, worldcarfree.net, and carfreeuniverse.org. For best results, do **not** "scale to fit" when printing, unless your printer cannot print to within .25 inches of page edge. The resulting cards should be 2 x 3.5 inches. The outer .25 inches of the guidelines will (probably) be cropped when printing. I've modified the character tracking, prompted initially by a huge gap between i & v in carfreeuniverse. Perhaps I went too far the other way. Here is the version "without cut lines":../businesscards002.pdf/image_view.
Image business cards black & white no cut lines 130kb Image 2004-06-04 2008-03-05
  Same as the "other":../businesscards001.pdf/image_view, but no lines (preferred when printing & cutting professionally). Note that campus print shops can be *much* cheaper than kinkos. Note that it is best to submit all files digitally (email or online)... most every print shop lets you do this now. They also have auto-cutting and folding machines (for flyers).
Image CarFree City, USA brochure 001 black and white 200kb Image 2004-06-04 2005-06-27
  David Ceaser and Patty Santos made this on powerpoint. Don't try to do this with powerpoint. Future CFC brochures will not be made on powerpoint... They will be made with adobe inDesign or the open source "Scribus":http://www.scribus.net/ running on linux, mac w/ "fink":http://fink.sourceforge.net/, or windows with "KDE-cygwin":http://ahnews.music.salford.ac.uk/scribus/documentation/cygwin.html. Do you have other suggestions?
Image Christopher Deel & his senior project Image 2004-06-24 2004-06-24
  Christopher Deel is a carfree guy I just found out about. I've copied his "senior project":http://errabundi.org/archives/000510.html here (for safekeeping. Note the carfree elements. I heard he might have an essay focused entirely on carfreeness, also). His blog is at "errabundi.org":http://errabundi.org/. I don't know how you're supposed to contact him from the blog page, but his email is cdeel at mailblocks.com.
Image Colin, Zach, Ruichi, Eugene in the kitchen at Hostel Obispo Image 2004-06-29 2004-06-29
  From left to right "Zach Ordonez":http://zozphotoz.com, Colin Leath, Ruichi Nakamura, and Eugene ?? on 2004-05-?? Photographer?

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