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Document Some things don't change at all. Document 2005-02-18 2005-04-14 2005-02-18
  Don't place a suicide watch on me because of the death preoccupation here. I tried improving this draft but failed to make something I liked better. This is an entry for the Car Busters Post-Petroleum Writing Contest of 2005.
Document The ITP Kata by George Leonard and Michael Murphy Document 2005-01-11 2007-10-05 2005-01-11
  This will be here until the authors (their publishers, more likely) complain. Their book is worth buying and owning--and I say that about few books. I only occasionally do the whole thing, but frequently do parts and variations of parts of this. It is a life-changing book and practice!
Document what no one does Document 2005-01-11 2005-01-11 2005-01-11
  Further exploration of the idea that the things most worth knowing and doing do not call attention to themselves. I credit _Encounters with Chinese hermits_ with showing me this perspective. A writing prompt in Spanish class to which I responded with a title, "Mira a lo que no ve" (that may be incorrect Spanish) set this off. I also see the influence of the Ground, Relax, Awareness, Center, Energy (GRACE) part of the ITP Kata routine. Well, I see a lot of things here, including reaction to mass movements and enthusiasms. And a Wilberian (Ken Wilber) or Zen sort of outlook.
Document Journalism in San Diego and the miracle that things exist Document 2004-12-26 2005-05-17 2004-12-26
  The original title was "Are there any Journalists in San Diego?" Here's the old description, for now, if only to show what I once did: "The Union Tribune's avoidance of serious investigative reporting is partly responsible for mismanagement by and corruption of local government officials. Here are some links to news sources that may document what is happening in San Diego rather than filling their pages with fluff and AP / NYT wire feeds."
Document Colin's Third Update Document 2004-12-19 2008-03-05 2004-12-19
  This is my third entry of "what I have learned in the past 4-12 months."
Document Road Traffic Safety / Traffic Victims Remembrance Day Document 2004-10-23 2005-02-22 2004-10-23
  I explore an area of traffic- / transportation-related "activism" I had never spent time with before. There are large, "effective," and active organizations dedicated to making vehicle traffic less dangerous. No doubt I have benefited / been harmed less due to their efforts throughout the years. But I am not yet mature enough to not feel reflexively disgusted as I explore this area of activism. I hope my readers can use this information to build productive relationships with or at least to learn from the "traffic safety activists."
Document Association for Carfree Living, North America & Carfree Magazine Document 2004-10-16 2008-03-05 2004-10-16
  A rough proposal for what might in the end work better as two organizations: Its main projects would be providing membership benefits and publishing a lifestyle periodical.
Document Index of Colin's poetry Document 2004-10-10 2005-04-27 2004-10-10
  Links to poetry labeled personal and poetry not so labeled.
Document Graduate application document index Document 2004-10-09 2005-04-27 2004-10-09
  Links to documents submitted for graduate school application and a brief discussion of the process.
Document Statement of Purpose: Comparative Literature Document 2004-10-09 2007-10-05 2004-10-09
  Purpose: (1) To earn an MA in English with a specialization in comparative literature and (2) to practice and prepare for teaching composition and literature.
Document The use of imagery, versification, sound patterning, and sound effects in Shakespeare's sonnet 33 Document 2004-10-09 2004-10-09 2004-10-09
  I discuss some ways the words of sonnet 33 combine to produce effect, focusing on sounds of words in addition to their overall sense.
Document Engl 583 final on 'Measure for Measure' and 'King Lear' Document 2004-10-09 2004-10-09 2004-10-09
  Angelo's soliloquies express themes of the tragicomic form, grace and nature, development of self-knowledge, justice and mercy, and creation and death as aspects of Angelo's character. Angelo and the Duke are similar in the following respects: they both initially claim immunity to love and later come to be affected by it; to achieve ends they desire, both manipulate others into situations those others would not willingly choose to be in; both have sought to maintain a particular reputation; they both spend much of the play seeming other than what they appear; both think themselves to be other than what they are in the beginning; and both claim to value a life removed. Nature is just a word, one I've thrown out of my vocabulary long ago from having found it used in too many different ways to be meaningful yet.
Document Palo Alto Document 2004-10-03 2004-10-09 2004-10-03
  Why if you are rich and intelligent and carfree you might like living in Palo Alto, California, USA.
Document Figs, hobbits, and housebikes in Davis, CA Document 2004-10-02 2008-03-05 2004-10-02
  A rambling account of Colin's short visit to Davis, CA, and links to places of interest, including where to find food and shelter. Also, notable are an encounter with two housebikes and a visit to the Davis Domes.
Document Is there love in A Midsummer Night's Dream? Document 2004-08-30 2004-08-30 2004-08-30
  The major paper for ENGL 583. I look at the behavior and context of the characters to understand how a comedy with three marriages and as many as seven lovers almost concludes without a portrayal of love that satisfies me.
Document The use of imagery, sound effects, and poetic form in Keats' Ode on a Grecian Urn Document 2004-06-16 2008-03-05 2004-06-16
  I will write about how Keats in Ode on a Grecian Urn uses imagery, sound effects, and poetic form first to create a beautiful poem and second to explore his concerns about art and life. My thesis is that poetic form, imagery, and sound effects work together effectively in Ode to help the reader share Keats' experience of his philosophic and artistic concerns.
Document Engl 549 reReading Journal #2 Eliot, Keats, Yeats, Thomas Document 2004-06-16 2004-06-16 2004-06-16
  the last assignment I did for the class.
Document The use of imagery, versification, sound patterning, and sound effects in Shakespeare’s sonnet 33 Document 2004-06-16 2004-08-30 2004-06-16
  The significant paper for English 549, also, in this case, many lines written about only 14...
Document English 549 Commentary 2 on Rossetti's Goblin Market second try Document 2004-06-16 2004-06-16 2004-06-16
  With more focus on poet's use of the medium.
Document English 549 Commentary 2 on Rossetti's Goblin Market Document 2004-06-16 2004-06-16 2004-06-16
  Another commentary... I ended up doing this over again because I felt I rambled too much.
Document 2004-03-23 Engl 549 Farber Poetry reReading Journal #1 1200 - 2000 words Document 2004-06-15 2004-06-15 2004-06-15
  The first reReading journal.. focusing mostly on Wordsworth's Prelude, and something else.
Document 2004-03-09 Engl 549 Farber Poetry Reading Journal #2 (Gray - Shelley) 1500 words Document 2004-06-15 2008-03-05 2004-06-15
  The second reading journal for the class.
Document Commentary on Pope's Rape of the Lock Document 2004-06-15 2008-03-05 2004-06-15
  In addition to reading journals, we also had commentaries focusing on one poem.
Document Scarves Wrap Necks Document 2004-06-15 2005-01-11 2004-06-15
  We were to create a sonnet or 16 lines in heroic couplets. I thought it would be easy to do, so I started in Feb, though it wasn't due till May. It took me all day.
Document Poetry Reading Journal #1 (Donne through Rochester) Document 2004-06-15 2004-06-15 2004-06-15
  The second assignment for Farber. Note there was a word limit, what I turned in had parts cut from it.

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