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Document Road Traffic Safety / Traffic Victims Remembrance Day Document 2004-10-23 2005-02-22 2004-10-23
  I explore an area of traffic- / transportation-related "activism" I had never spent time with before. There are large, "effective," and active organizations dedicated to making vehicle traffic less dangerous. No doubt I have benefited / been harmed less due to their efforts throughout the years. But I am not yet mature enough to not feel reflexively disgusted as I explore this area of activism. I hope my readers can use this information to build productive relationships with or at least to learn from the "traffic safety activists."
Document Colin's Third Update Document 2004-12-19 2008-03-05 2004-12-19
  This is my third entry of "what I have learned in the past 4-12 months."
Document Journalism in San Diego and the miracle that things exist Document 2004-12-26 2005-05-17 2004-12-26
  The original title was "Are there any Journalists in San Diego?" Here's the old description, for now, if only to show what I once did: "The Union Tribune's avoidance of serious investigative reporting is partly responsible for mismanagement by and corruption of local government officials. Here are some links to news sources that may document what is happening in San Diego rather than filling their pages with fluff and AP / NYT wire feeds."
Document what no one does Document 2005-01-11 2005-01-11 2005-01-11
  Further exploration of the idea that the things most worth knowing and doing do not call attention to themselves. I credit _Encounters with Chinese hermits_ with showing me this perspective. A writing prompt in Spanish class to which I responded with a title, "Mira a lo que no ve" (that may be incorrect Spanish) set this off. I also see the influence of the Ground, Relax, Awareness, Center, Energy (GRACE) part of the ITP Kata routine. Well, I see a lot of things here, including reaction to mass movements and enthusiasms. And a Wilberian (Ken Wilber) or Zen sort of outlook.
Document The ITP Kata by George Leonard and Michael Murphy Document 2005-01-11 2007-10-05 2005-01-11
  This will be here until the authors (their publishers, more likely) complain. Their book is worth buying and owning--and I say that about few books. I only occasionally do the whole thing, but frequently do parts and variations of parts of this. It is a life-changing book and practice!
Document Some things don't change at all. Document 2005-02-18 2005-04-14 2005-02-18
  Don't place a suicide watch on me because of the death preoccupation here. I tried improving this draft but failed to make something I liked better. This is an entry for the Car Busters Post-Petroleum Writing Contest of 2005.
Document The Vow of Stability (Stabilitas Loci) Document 2005-02-27 2007-01-05 2005-02-27
  I found this from reading Thomas Merton's _Seven Storey Mountain_ or the autobiography _The seven mountains of Thomas Merton_. For some orders, the vow of stability (stabilitas loci) means, in part, never leaving the walls of the monastery.
Document E M Risse, superhero, on transitioning to carfree Document 2005-03-07 2005-03-08 2005-03-07
  These are some quick notes and excerpts on/from the columns of E M Risse.
Document The European Dream Document 2005-03-13 2005-04-03 2005-03-13
  A book by Jeremy Rifkin published in September 2004. The importance of 'The European Dream' to the carfree movement is that it describes the broader effects and background of a person-centric environment. In 'The European Dream', carfreeness can be understood in relation to a larger vision encompassing individual, social, economic, and political development.
Document Feral ballerina Document 2005-04-04 2005-04-26 2005-04-04
  The old title was "Anarcho-/Neo-primitive MA Lit student at SDSU, age 29, seeks feral ballerina to forage and dance with." Here is the original description: I'm being too distracted by my desire for female friends, and if possible, a lover, so I'm developing a strategy for addressing this need I have. I will consider my desires and in what areas I may need to change, develop, or compromise in order to appeal to this woman.
Document Resources related to presentation about the meaning in life forum Document 2005-04-16 2007-10-05 2005-04-16
  These are resources related to a presentation given at the Spring 2005 SDSU Graduate Student Board conference.
Document Script of presentation about meaning in life forum, experience of meaning in life, and related literature Document 2005-04-16 2008-03-05 2005-04-16
  What is the experience of meaning in life? Why did the author create the meaning in life forum? What happened in the Forum? What did the author learn? What literature relates to the experience of meaning in life and the experience of nothingness?
Document SDSU (San Diego State University) area Carfree Club Document 2005-04-17 2007-02-21 2005-04-17
  For people who do not use cars (or who do, but don't want to) to meet others and plan social events that do not involve driving. Some of us may also advocate for improving conditions for carfree people in and around SDSU.
Document Unmoderated discussion list for all SDSU grad students with interests in literature and writing. Document 2005-04-23 2007-02-21 2005-04-23
  This page contains information relating to the sdsuGradLitWrite Yahoo group, which is an unmoderated email list for all SDSU grad students with interests in literature and writing.
Document Analysis of feral ballerina Document 2005-04-26 2005-04-27 2005-04-26
  This is an initial analysis of the "feral ballerina" personal ad.
Document Carfree Chic Document 2005-06-03 2006-03-19 2005-06-03
  Some thoughts on clothing and other objects (bags, what else? I really don't want to say 'accessories') that could be used by carfree people to broaden awareness of the carfree movement and of their personal lifeway.
Document EarthFair report 2005 Document 2005-06-19 2008-03-05 2005-06-19
  This is about representing Carfree City, USA at the San Diego EarthFair on Saturday, May 1, 2005: how we organized and staffed the booth; my motivation and what encouraged and discouraged me; what happened at the fair; and the importance of having a carfree presence at fairs.
Document Written on being asked to help a group study for Linguistics 420 Document 2005-06-30 2008-03-05 2005-06-30
  This summer I'm taking a linguistics class taught by the chair of the department. It is not an easy class. I'm learning a lot. A group asked me to help them out this weekend. On first being asked, I thought I couldn't help, it is just a matter of taking the time to read... A while later, since I'm planning to be a teacher of some kind, I said I'd meet with them. After thinking about it rather too much last night, I decided on what I've written about below.
Document Responses to Chris Balish's inquiry re: carfree success stories Document 2005-07-26 2005-07-26 2005-07-26
  Chris sent out an inquiry to hear about carfree success stories in the US and Canada. Here is my response, and here are his questions and contact information in case you want to respond to him too.
Document Scott from Lakeside, and the carfree movement compared to the civil rights movement Document 2005-09-17 2005-09-18 2005-09-17
  I met a guy walking across the cloverleaf near SDSU. Only rarely do I see people doing this, and they usually look like they could be students. The last I saw was an Asian woman. This is about Scott and our meeting. I also pasted in a bit I wrote today about realizing the carfree vision.
Document Hannah Peterson walks 80 miles through desert to catch bus; Biodiesel advocate Lousia Aronow repents. Document 2005-09-21 2005-09-22 2005-09-21
  Hannah walked miles through the desert, and she speaks of the conscience that prevents her from using cars. In my memory of this article I imagined her resting in meager shade during the day, and then walking in the crisp, stellar, desolate silence of the desert night. Below is the carbusters version of what Lousia Aronow wrote, so that the rest of us with the carfree conscience can learn from Hannah's example.
Document Air Pollution Kills. What to do? Document 2005-11-17 2006-04-15 2005-11-17
  There is a highway between me and some places I want to go. When I walk or run across the highway I know the pollution is not doing me much good. I decided to get a respirator or mask to wear. This is about air pollution and ways to protect one's lungs and heart.
Document AUTOGEDDON by Heathcote Williams Document 2005-11-20 2006-01-27 2005-11-20
  This poem was originally published in _Whole Earth Review_, Fall 1987: 26-29. In 1991, a longer version illustrated with photographs was published. _AUTOGEDDON_ is visionary in that it, in the full version, encompasses many aspects of the modern carfree movement.
Document Comments on Heathcote Williams' AUTOGEDDON Document 2005-11-20 2005-11-23 2005-11-20
  These are comments and a bit of analysis on both the version of AUTOGEDDON published in the _Whole Earth Review_ in 1987, as well as the significantly longer illustrated version published in the US in 1991. Things discussed include: implications of the work; the potential of making the full text more available; how I discovered it; and related texts.
Document *CARS* KILL Arabs, Africans, and Israelis SIX TIMES FASTER than Americans and Europeans! Document 2005-12-23 2005-12-31 2005-12-23
  A carnage-inspired ad-campaign. Make the following text into a half-sheet-sized pdf and post. . . Also mentions an early San Diego leader for carfreedom. Order your Cars today. -|- "Extermination that pays."

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