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Link Carbusters! remote url Link 2003-06-13 2004-10-30
  The grassroots network of the global car-free movement. We organise an annual Towards Car-Free Cities Conference and coordinate a September 22 annual World Car-Free Day. We maintain an on-line searchable Contact Directory of over 300 organisations around the world. We host this website and the carfree_network discussion listserve. And through Car Busters Press we have published two educational comic books, "CARtoons" and "Roadkill Bill." Be sure to visit the "archive of Car Busters Magazine":http://www.carbusters.org/magazine/archive.php, as they now have full or nearly full contents of past issues on-line.
Link Carfree.com - cities for people remote url Link 2003-06-13 2003-06-13
  A beautiful site, that is in my opinion the granddaddy of the carfree movement and the beginning of my hope.
Link Culture Change (Sustainable Energy Institute) remote url Link 2003-06-13 2003-06-13
  The new Daniel Quinn / Ishmael -inspired web site of the Sustainable Energy Institute. Alliance for a Paving Moratorium was an earlier project of SEI, as was a "Fossil Fuel Free Farm." Randy Ghent, a main force behind Carbusters, once worked for SEI/APM. I visited Jan Lundberg and the FFFF in Arcata, California, USA, in 1998. Bill Le Bon was the main employee at the time. Perhaps because of Carbusters' lineage, could be considered a grandmother of the carfree movement.
Link Missoula Institute for Sustainable Transportation remote url Link 2003-06-18 2003-06-18
  The mother of Kristen Miller of Ecocity Builders gave me this link. Apparently Missoula is a bicycle friendly town (http://www.bicyclefriendlycommunity.org/pressrelease3.htm). It is also the home of Adventure Cycling. Too bad I'm afraid of the cold.
Link vision42: auto-free light rail boulevard for 42nd street remote url Link 2003-06-18 2004-06-24
  Roxanne asked me to add this for her: <blockquote>I'm chair of a group called vision42, a unit of the Institute for Rational Urban Mobility here in NYC, which, for nearly 4 years, has been advancing a proposal to convert 42nd Street into a river-to-river, auto-free light rail boulevard, with landscaping, outdoor restaurants and cafes, and other pedestrian amenities. We've made 102 presentations of the proposal to date, to nearly universally warm receptions. It's a bit of a heavy political lift in this town, but we are persisting.</blockquote> June 2004-- Roxanne sent in the following update: <blockquote>Thanks very much for putting this on the web. You might want to update it, though. We've now made 155 presentations, and have been working on this for nearly five years. Three technical studies are underway, by highly qualified consultants, on the plan's economic potential, an traffic analysis, and a cost estimate. There's more about these studies on the website, www.vision42.org, where you can click on "What's New!":http://vision42.org/www/whats_new/whats_new.htm to read about them. </blockquote>
Link Institute for Transportation & Development Policy remote url Link 2003-06-19 2003-06-19
  The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) was set up in 1985, to promote environmentally sustainable and equitable transportation policies and projects worldwide. ITDP was organized by leading advocates for sustainable transport in the US who realized that the US was exporting its model of automobile dependence to developing countries and, most recently, Central and Eastern Europe. ITDP chose to focus on counteracting this development.
Link Ciudad Humana / Human City / Ville Humaine remote url Link 2003-06-19 2003-06-19
  Promover un cambio estructural en la mentalidad y en la práctica de lo urbano, para mejorar el nivel de vida de la población y hacer las ciudades más equitativas, prósperas y humanas.
Link Cars Suck! remote url Link 2003-06-19 2003-06-19
  The website will contain essays, research, rabble-rousing, and reflections on car culture and the car economy, and on ways to cure these pathological conditions
Link Stop The Cars! remote url Link 2003-06-19 2003-06-19
  The automobile has an exciting history but now it is time to ask ourselves questions. * Has the automobile outlived its purpose? * Is it costing this earth or your country too much? Your neighbors? You? * How long will we continue pay the huge price we've been paying in order to hold onto our vehicles? * Would you be willing to give up your car? Why or why not?
Link International Making Cities Livable remote url Link 2003-06-19 2003-06-19
  The IMCL conferences are based on the premise that the city is an organism, with interdependent social and physical elements, and that therefore, it is essential to understand the relationship between the built environment, patterns of urban social life, and city inhabitants’ experience of well-being.
Link raging bike remote url Link 2003-06-19 2003-06-19
  Raging Bike measures individual cyclists contribution to the environment, the money they save and the calories they burn, by choosing to cycle rather than taking a car or bus. * As bike commuters for many years, we got sick of car drivers cutting us up, using bike lanes, general abuse, and the treatment of cyclists as second class road users. When we got to work we would find that venting our frustration to our colleagues (in the main car drivers) provoked little sympathy. Hence the rage corner were devised as a harmless catharthis for our fury. Please post your experiences!
Link Carfree City remote url Link 2003-06-19 2003-07-05
  Goal: To construct a carfree city or district within a city in the United States of a sufficient size that its residents can conduct most of their daily activities without having to use or be exposed to automobiles. This would be approximately equivalent to one "district" in the Carfree Cities book (12,000 people, 120 developed acres, 120 open-space acres). Specific goals of this website are: * To demonstrate to lending institutions and decision-makers that there is a large number of people actively interested in creating and living in a carfree city * To provide a mechanism for those people to have input to the location and design of the carfree city * To develop methods for overcoming logistical, regulatory, legal, financial and cultural obstacles to carfree development in the United States
Link carfree.meetup.com remote url Link 2003-06-20 2003-06-20
  Meetup with other local carfree people. International Carfree Meetup Day is the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6pm.
Link Planetwork 2003 presenters remote url Link 2003-06-21 2003-06-21
  Good organizations to be aware of.
Link Visions of Future Cities -- Carbusters Magazine Issue 15 remote url Link 2003-06-22 2004-05-29
  Issue 15 of Car Busters briefs us on different visions of future cities. The visions of nine different movements, thinkers or artists are included. The issue also covers criticism of several problems in building utopian cities. Only some of the actual content of the magazine is published on the web. For rest of the stuff, see the actual magazine.
Link girlbike.com -- for women cyclists remote url Link 2003-06-23 2003-06-23
  " :: for women cyclists :: reviews, deals, resources, how-to, and more :: since 1999. girlbike.com was inspired by my desire to learn as much as I could about cycling, and to share what I learn with other women cyclists and those that love them." The site is overly focused on gear and buying (consumer-oriented). I did have to buy some bicycle tires a while ago...
Link Bicitekas.org remote url Link 2003-06-23 2003-11-09
  We fight for human and non motorized cities all over Mexico. Los Bicitekas somos un grupo de ciudadanos que queremos una ciudad y una sociedad humanizada. Los Bicitekas impulsamos una cultura de la bicicleta, como una forma de vivir. Nos oponemos al desarollo urbano que considera el automovil y no las personas, como el ente más importante en la ciudad.
Link Velorution blog remote url Link 2003-06-23 2005-05-17
  "Dismantling the car economy" Currently an oft-updated page about human-powered, mostly wheeled transportation.
Link Thys Rowingbike remote url Link 2003-06-23 2003-06-23
  I have a reynolds weld lab round tube (RT). I'd prefer to have one of these so my upper body doesn't wither away on long rides.
Link Reynolds Weld Labs remote url Link 2003-06-23 2008-03-04
  Purveyor of my current cycle: the Wishbone RT. The new T-bone looks like it addresses the boom flex issue of the RT. Comfortable, fast, durable, light. I do get toe numbness, and wimpy arms, but as recumbents go, it's one of the lowest you can get that is US made. I've ridden mine in San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Monaco, Geneva, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, New York City, Washington DC. Long rides: SF to San Diego; San Remo, Italy to Malmo Sweden; New York City to Washington DC. If I were getting a bike now, I'd get a Thys Rowing bike. Though I suppose I'd prefer to row, walk, or swim than cycle on roads with cars. Pictures of me on /near the bike in: o "College Heights, San Diego, June 2001":http://experienceart.org/cleath/images/2001-06-07-recumbent_1.jpg/view. I now wear dark shorts, and light shirt. o "Earthaven, NC, September, 2003":../ehhouseclose/view o "Earthaven, NC, September, 2003":../ehhousefar/view o "Gay Hill Texas, October 11, 2003":../colinGayHill/view o "Laguna San Marcos, Mexico, November 1, 2003 (resting)":../colinLagunaSanMarcosRest/view o "Laguna San Marcos, Mexico, November 1, 2003 (with sign)":../colinLagunaSanMarcosSign/view Note that the last I've ridden that thing was Earthday 2004 to get to Balboa Park (San Diego) and back... Now I go by foot. It is easier to find pleasant places to sleep and to walk away from traffic that way. and here's Google on "Reynolds Weld Labs":http://www.google.com/search?q=reynolds+weld+labs.
Link Speed 101, the fastest human-powered bicycles in the world remote url Link 2003-06-23 2003-06-23
  Matt Weaver rocks. I met him testing one of his bikes unfaired on the bike trail in front of the Naval Postgraduate school in Monterey, CA.
Link Matt Weaver's Virtual Edge remote url Link 2003-06-23 2003-06-23
  A beautiful site describing two of Matt's speed trials.
Link The Bus Stop Blog remote url Link 2003-06-23 2003-06-23
  A blog on Kansas City Transit. Heidi made an announcement of this site at: http://www.kcbusstop.com/archives/000799.html#000799 Thanks!
Link Indymedia remote url Link 2003-06-25 2003-06-25
  Indymedia is a collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage. Indymedia is a democratic media outlet for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth.
Link UniverCity -- The Community at Simon Fraser remote url Link 2003-06-25 2003-07-05
  "To create a community which complements existing and future university development, worthy of local and international acclaim." The CarfreeCity project can learn from projects like this.

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