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Link Universism - a reasoned search for passion remote url Link 2005-06-05 2005-07-21
  "Universists apply personal reason and experience to the fundamental questions of human existence, derive inspiration from the natural uncertainty of the human state, and deny the validity of revelation, faith and dogma." This is wonderful to find. Universist HQ is in Birmingham, Alabama... (Ideally we could have multiple location tags?). The movement is worldwide. UPDATE: There may be a "San Diego universist meeting":http://www.faithless.org/community/index.php?showtopic=3847 sometime. UPDATE2 (July 21, 2005): I started a "yahoo group for San Diego area universist-leaning people":http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sduniversists/. See what I wrote on the "society for philosophical inquiry":../socrates/. Here is some babble I wrote to the "yoism":../yoism/ discussion list: I would paste some relevant quotes in here, but... too much of it is good to read. Their graphic design however seems eerie, scientology-, gattica-, new-age dystopia suggestive to me... notice the emphasis on skyscrapers, synthetic, non-natural forms and scenery. [the two towers on the main page are in fact the (former) World Trade Center in NYC--this is fitting in that universism evolved out of a dialog about how to avoid the destructive effects of religious faith] Furthermore, I detect and read in the faq a kinship with libertarianism and the free-market religion. They are saved from that error by their emphasis on the question... (and this is explicit in the faq as well) but it may be (I really have no basis for this belief) that many of the most active are from a crowd similar to that of "the freestate project":http://freestateproject.org/. If universism grows and matures as a faith and as a practice, I imagine, in time, it will have more of a socially progressive feel (like "yoism":http://yoism.org, like "AFSC":http://afsc.org/, like the "earthcharter":http://www.earthcharter.org/... And appear to be less an offshoot of Ayn Rand's Howard Roark from _The Fountainhead_ ... once they start to put into practice more of an "empathetic principle":http://www.monbiot.com/archives/2001/04/09/in-defence-of-trouble/. The founder, Ford Vox, who's beautiful name suggests to me "Hitchhiker's Guide" (Ford Prefect, Zaphod Beeblebrox), writes eloquently, and as Huston Smith wrote of Buddha, he is a great logician, or maybe the word was empiricist... and the vision he has expressed resonates with a lot of us! I think all my babble above is about them (or all of us) synthesizing the individualistic and the empathetic-- and a third rung would have to be the passionate / sublime / even the ceremonial or ritual, which I experienced nowhere as frequently as in the volunteer choir of a conservative episcopal church... It is wonderful to watch this happening. "The society of philosophical inquiry":http://carfreeuniverse.org/Members/colin/socrates/ is another closely related effort I recently discovered from reading the "San Diego Union Tribune":../sandiegonews/, which is where I heard about universism as well! It is interesting that mention of the movement has effectively been "censored from Wikipedia":http://universist.org/wikipedia.htm.
Link The New America Foundation - venture capital for writing about policy ideas that transcend the conventional political spectrum remote url Link 2005-06-05 2005-06-05
  Check out their "program areas":http://www.newamerica.net/index.cfm?pg=section&secID=2, including things like "American Grand Strategy":http://www.newamerica.net/index.cfm?pg=Section&SecID=10. Very nice:<blockquote>One of the primary causes of our nationís impoverished public debate is the scarcity of promising young thinkers making their mark as credible public intellectuals. Although there are organizations and publications on both sides of the political spectrum that help emerging writers espouse predictable partisan positions, no comparable support structures exist for independent-minded thinkers who want to engage in an open-ended search for pragmatic public policy solutions. Aspiring intellectuals whose views do not put them squarely on one ideological side or another therefore lack the financial support, career guidance, institutional credibility, and intellectual community needed for them to emerge as potent new voices on the national scene. ... New America Fellows receive far more than financial support. They are provided office space, health insurance, research and editorial assistance, help in placing articles, and perhaps most important, the opportunity to interact in a close-knit intellectual community. The organizationís senior staff regularly provides intellectual guidance, high-quality editing, training in public speaking, and a host of other professional development services to the Fellows.</blockquote>
Link New Perspectives Quarterly - the only world-class publication dedicated to the exchange of knowledge globally remote url Link 2005-06-05 2005-06-05
  If there is a periodical worth subscribing to, this may be it. I have yet to spend some time with a print copy, but from what I see online, I wish I had my own copies to read. I'm afraid SDSU does not subscribe to it--though they have it at the Imperial Valley campus...
Link HillQuest - website, blog, and printed guide about Hillcrest, "San Diego's most diverse neighborhood" remote url Link 2005-06-05 2005-06-05
  Perhaps the best San Diego website I have found! See especially the quicktime slideshow on "early San Diego transportation":http://www.hillquest.com/history/HQ3_transport.html. There are some funky pointy/areodynamic trollies and some wicker-basket electric carts! From the "blog:":http://www.hillquest.com/a/blog1.html <blockquote>A true success story in terms of community revitalization, Hillcrest has blossomed over the past decade into one of the hippest, most happening communities in San Diego. Nestled to the west and north of Balboa Park from Park Boulevard westward to Mission Hills, Hillcrest is known primarily for its wide array of award-winning restaurants, trendy specialty stores, medical offices, two major hospitals and the largest concentration of gay and lesbian-owned businesses in the city. Those who live here enjoy a wide choice of older homes mixed in with newer, upscale apartments and condominiums. The Hillcrest Business Association throws the annual streetfair bash known as CityFest, which was originally held to celebrate the restoration and relighting of the famous neon sign at University and Fifth avenues. Hillcrest is also the proud home of the annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Pride celebration, which includes a parade through the íhood and a two-day festival in idyllic Balboa Park (at Juniper Street and Balboa Park Way).</blockquote>
Link Comments on the San Diego airport issue remote url Link 2005-06-18 2005-06-18
  The airport authority wants a new/bigger airport for San Diego. They sponsored an online dialog to see what people thought. My position was: get the airport out of the city, discourage use of air transportation, use the old airport site for a carfree district. Connect to existing airports via rail. If a new airport is built, put it far away, prevent urban development around it, and connect it to city via a rail link. I note that Joel Crawford of carfree.com suggests that "carfree cities will need an airport:":http://carfree.com/pax_trans.html <blockquote>A large city requires an airport, which should be located far from town and connected to the center by high-speed rail.</blockquote> In my view having to deal with airplane or helicopter noise is not acceptable if we are to create urban environments that are a dream to live in. This puts me at odds with those who say things like, "progress is inevitable, and that is the price--shut up and stop complaining". Here is a link to the main page of the dialogs: "Fly into the Future":http://www.future.signonsandiego.com/
Link the San Diego district council of the Urban Land Institute remote url Link 2005-06-21 2005-06-21
  The people who make money from building are the ones who have a significant effect on the built environment. (heck, I have to write something here, right?) An article in the Union Tribune mentioned this group and said that the new generation of developers in this Council was interested in making the urban environment better, not just in making a buck... So here they are. I don't have the money or the influence to make carfree development a reality, but maybe some of them do.
Link Carfree San Diego discussion and announcement list remote url Link 2005-06-27 2006-02-13
  Set your email preferences to "Special Notices" if you do not wish to participate in email discussions, but do wish to be notified when events have been finalized. From the list description:<blockquote>We are a group of concerned individuals/citizens who feel that cars have become a nuisance to society. We want to take back our city by raising awareness about car issues and building a critical mass of self propelled realists. We want a CARFREE San Diego!</blockquote> Thanks to Jordan for setting this up!
Link San Diego Critical Mass remote url Link 2005-06-27 2006-05-29
  <blockquote>The last Friday of every month, we meet at the big fountain in Balboa Park at 7:00 PM and ride bicycles through the streets of San Diego, providing motorists, as well as ourselves, with a vision of how things could be different. It's a celebration of cycling! Bring your friends; meet new friends.</blockquote>The old email list was/ is(?) here: "https://libertad.ucsd.edu/mailman/listinfo/critical-mass":https://libertad.ucsd.edu/mailman/listinfo/critical-mass.
Link District 7 Councilmember's newsletter for SDSU area remote url Link 2005-07-01 2005-07-02
  The current councilmember for this district is Jim Madaffer. The college area, with respect to land area, is a small portion of a large district. See "the district map":http://genesis.sannet.gov/infospc/templates/cd7/map_main.jsp. Population-wise, I would guess the college area is one of the most dense parts of the district.
Link "July 4 is deadliest crash day," by Michael Woods, Toledo Blade science editor and health columnist remote url Link 2005-07-02 2005-07-02
  The following appeared on the second page of the health section in the "Tuesday, June 28 Union Tribune:":http://www.signonsandiego.com/uniontrib/20050628/news_1c28fourth.html <blockquote>For every highway death, there are about 53 disabling injuries. ... More than 40,000 people die each year on the roads and 2.1 million suffer disabling injuries. **Can you imagine society accepting any other technology that kills and maims on such a horrendous scale?** ... Automobiles are the most dangerous way to travel. Death rates are about 0.80 per 100 million passenger-miles compared to 0.02 for airlines. Yet people seldom worry because they are right there in the driver's seat every day, supposedly in control. Everyone, of course, is the world's safest driver. That sort of illusion also tricks people into overlooking the seriousness of cigarette smoking, obesity and other major health and safety hazards even as they are distracted about risks that actually are remote. But no other everyday activity carries as great a risk of dying &#8211; 1 in 79, according to the safety council &#8211; as climbing behind that wheel. </blockquote> The author, "Michael Woods":http://www.toledoblade.com/woods, is the science editor for the Toledo Blade of "Toledo, Ohio":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toledo%2C_Ohio. Here's the full text:<blockquote> **Study: July 4 is deadliest crash day** By Michael Woods SCRIPPS HOWARD NEWS SERVICE June 28, 2005 When safety officials raise red flags before every Independence Day weekend, motorists often wonder exactly how much more dangerous is travel during the Fourth of July holiday. Maybe highway death tolls that weekend just seem high because it's a three-day weekend rather than two. But a whole range of scientific studies confirms that Independence Day weekend is the most dangerous three days within a year &#8211; a health and safety threat that actually gets less attention than it deserves. In February, for instance, researchers with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported on a major study of motor vehicle crash deaths in the U.S. from 1986 to 2002. A total of 727,483 people died in crashes during that period. For every highway death, there are about 53 disabling injuries. So 38.5 million people suffered disabling injuries in that period. The study, published in the trade journal Injury Prevention, found that July 4 was, on average, the deadliest day during the 17-year period, with an average of 161 crash deaths. July 3 was the second-deadliest, averaging 149 deaths. July 2 was in the Top 10, averaging 138 deaths. Those Top 10 days were, in order: July 4, July 3, Dec. 23, Aug. 3, Jan. 1, Aug. 6, Aug. 4, Aug. 12, July 2 and Sept. 2. On an average day during the study years, 117 people are killed in traffic accidents. National Safety Council studies show that the average number of deaths during the Independence Day weekend is 7.1 percent higher than other holiday periods of the same length. The Independence Day weekend toll may result partly from more cars being on the road, according to the insurance institute's study. It also is due, in part, to the number of people driving after drinking as people travel to and from picnics, fireworks displays and other activities, researchers said. July 4 also had a higher proportion of deaths involving elevated blood alcohol levels than any other day. The Independence Day weekend, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. More than 40,000 people die each year on the roads and 2.1 million suffer disabling injuries. Can you imagine society accepting any other technology that kills and maims on such a horrendous scale? It happens because human beings create what scientists term "illusory zones of immunity" around familiar everyday activities that supposedly are under their control. Automobiles are the most dangerous way to travel. Death rates are about 0.80 per 100 million passenger-miles compared to 0.02 for airlines. Yet people seldom worry because they are right there in the driver's seat every day, supposedly in control. Everyone, of course, is the world's safest driver. That sort of illusion also tricks people into overlooking the seriousness of cigarette smoking, obesity and other major health and safety hazards even as they are distracted about risks that actually are remote. But no other everyday activity carries as great a risk of dying &#8211; 1 in 79, according to the safety council &#8211; as climbing behind that wheel. </blockquote>
Link Car hitting pedestrian starts riot in China; and more on the "car war" theme. remote url Link 2005-07-09 2005-07-09
  I saw this in "The Epoch":http://english.epochtimes.com/news/5-6-29/29918.html "Times":http://theepochtimes.com/. Here's "another article":http://www.resurgence.org/resurgence/issues/roberts218.htm (in the very nice "resurgence magazine":http://www.resurgence.org/) that came up in a search on <a href="http://www.google.com/search?q=%22car+wars%22">"car wars"</a>. See also "The Pushcart War":http://www.google.com/search?q=pushcart+war by Jean Merrill. <blockquote>It started before 3 p.m. when a Toyota sedan grazed a middle school student crossing the street and the teen and the driver quarreled. A few men emerged from the car and set on the student, a local store manager surnamed Wu who saw the clash told Reuters by telephone. The men were taken to a police station and a crowd that had been watching the fight swarmed around the building, Wu said, demanding that the men be handed over to them as their numbers swelled by the minute. Some among the growing mob focused their anger on the men's Toyota, smashing it, flipping it over and torching it, Wu said. ... The crowd, now numbering as many as 10,000, also flipped three parked police cars and set them ablaze. ... Protests have become increasingly common in China, fueled by corruption and the widening wealth gap, but authorities are keen to quickly quash dissent and preserve stability. There were more than 58,000 protests, many of them over land rights disputes, across the country in 2003, a Communist Party-backed magazine, Outlook, has reported.</blockquote>
Link Personal Rapid Transit Systems: a car on a stick remote url Link 2005-07-09 2005-07-09
  Send an email to the carfree groups announcing that you're starting a new project, and you are very likely to get an email like the one I paste below. We should consider the possibility of learning something from PRT advocates, but, in general, what the Carfree City is about is "access by proximity" not about fancy transit systems. You don't need any public transit but a public pedestrian street, with room for hand-pushed freight carts, to have a beautiful carfree city. There may however be situations where these systems are useful. Jerry Schneider writes:<blockquote>I hope your group will also consider examining a variety of non-auto modes, capable of providing auto-competitive mobility without many of the negative impacts of the auto. I see most of them being compatible with the auto-free concept and American lifestyles. My ITT website includes descriptions of more than 80 emerging systems from around the world. Some are operational, some are under development and some are still conceptual. All are electric, environmentally benign, low cost, easy to quickly construct and useful for both intercity and intracity travel. A quick overview is provided by four Photoindex pages. Links to details are available at the "List of Systems page":http://faculty.washington.edu/jbs/itrans/techtable.htm Current leaders include: o "Cabintaxi":http://faculty.washington.edu/jbs/itrans/cabin.htm o "Skyweb Express":http://www.skywebexpress.com o "ULTra":http://www.atsltd.co.uk/ o "Mega/MicroRail":http://www.megarail.com o "Cybertran":http://www.cybertran.com o "Austrans":http://www.austrans.com o "System 21":http://faculty.washington.edu/jbs/itrans/sys21.htm o "RUF":http://faculty.washington.edu/jbs/itrans/ruf1.htm o "Urbanaut":http://www.urbanaut.com. Jerry Schneider, Professor Emeritus, U of Washington, Seattle - "Innovative Transportation Technologies":http://faculty.washington.edu/jbs/itrans </blockquote>
Link "To survive, Africa must reduce its birth rates" by Alex Gerber remote url Link 2005-07-09 2005-07-09
  This is an opinion piece in the Thursday, July 7 San Diego Union-Tribune by Alex Gerber. It may have been picked up by other papers, but I'm not finding it yet. It was important for me to read because of the case it makes for China's current imposing world presence being due partly to limitation of family size to one child by means of contraceptive programs and forced abortions. Before reading this opinion, I would too quickly brush off people (very often "Ishmael":../sdishmael/ readers) who were concerned with population overshoot. I would say the problem is not population, which, in fact is declining or stable in all developed countries (I think) when not counting immigration, but the amount of resources a given population consumes. Other things I have read support the concept of "Cities as population sinks" - that is, the people who live in cities don't have many children, and that percentage of people is growing. **However**, at the same time, in the back of my head I knew that the people who criticise "Paul Ehrlich":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Ralph_Ehrlich, The Club of Rome's "Limit's to Growth":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limits_to_Growth, and the basic thesis in the Ishmael books were wrong. There are massive famines and dieoffs occurring right now among both humans and other species, and this has been true for some time. So, what now? I don't know. Here's the portion of Alex Gerber's essay that focuses on China:<blockquote>In the real world, we should turn to the China experience. Throughout its history, China has been plagued by periodic famines due to crop failures. From 1958 to 1961, China experienced the worst famine in world history &#8211; 30 million (the combined population of our 10 larges cities) starved to death. Chairman Mao, advised that China's fertility rate would result in a population increase from 1.2 billion to 4.2 billion in the next century, realized that future famines would be measured in billions rather than millions. Think of it! A country with one-sixth the arable land of the United States would be faced with a quadrupled population almost equal to the total population of the rest of the world. China's choice was between wall-to-wall people with an animal subsistence level, and intensive population control. The choice was influenced by an old Chinese proverb, "If we don't change our direction, we'll end up where we're heading." A 10-year trial of voluntary family-size restriction was unsuccessful, and in 1970 Mao decreed the limitation of family size to one child. This was accomplished by the world's most comprehensive contraception program and enforced abortions for contraceptive failures &#8211; a program theoretically reducing China's population to 370 million by 2080 and more in harmony with her resources. A 1989 editorial in The New York Times described China's policy of enforced abortions as an "act of official inhumanity &#8211; that violates one of the most basic human rights." Fortunately, China's leaders were more aware than her critics of the threatened civil disintegration of Chinese society. An incubating catastrophe was averted by the scientific method, rather than by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as in an earlier era. History speaks for itself. In only two generations, China emerged from a Third World country to an economic powerhouse closing in on the living standards of Western industrial societies. It all started with population control measures. ... Gerber, a clinical professor of surgery emeritus at the University of Southern California, was formerly a White House health care consultant and chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee of Pasadena Planned Parenthood.</blockquote>
Link Bill McDonough, "Growth is Good" remote url Link 2005-07-09 2005-07-09
  <blockquote>", if you use nature as a model and mentor, if you use modern designs and chemicals that are safe. Growth is destructive if you use energy not from the sun and a system of chemicals that is toxic, so it's anti-life."</blockquote> o "McDonough Partners":http://www.mcdonoughpartners.com/ o "mcdonough.com":http://www.mcdonough.com/ o "China-U.S. Center for Sustainable Development":http://www.chinauscenter.org/
Link TED Conference remote url Link 2005-07-09 2005-07-09
  Here's the blurb from their global conference:<blockquote> "Ideas Big Enough to Change the World" July 12-15, 2005. Oxford, UK. Welcome to an important new chapter in the TED story. TEDGLOBAL will be like TED but with an even stronger focus on really big world-changing ideas. Stand by for memes and dreams from the intersecting worlds of science, business, globalization, invention, and creativity.... seasoned, as ever, with inspirational performance art, music and comedy. There will be a more international mix of speakers and attendees. Smaller numbers at launch, but quality all the way.</blockquote>
Link Ultraculture: Proof that your magic has worked. remote url Link 2005-10-23 2005-10-23
  This is by Jason Louv, son of "Richard":../citistates/ who I just heard speak today at SDSU's "crisis carnival":http://crisiscarnival.sdsu.edu, a crisis because it costs money to present there and so many of the presenters bore their audience by reading papers. Now, I find this:<blockquote>Magic is the application of sufficient will and imagination to cause positive change in the world.</blockquote> And I see where this guy lives, and where he has the opening for the book he edited:<blockquote>GENERATION HEX Jason Louv and a frenzied pack of Generation Hex authors melt your temporal lobe with all of the occult and shamanic hijinks you can shake a gris-gris machete at. Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, New York City, October 27, 7:30-10 PM.</blockquote> The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is an "Alex Grey":../kenWilber/ project. So, what am I doing here trying to add three pages to a 7-page paper on _Death of a Salesman_ so I can assist the teaching of an intro to lit course next semester? Is this magic? o "google on ultraculture":http://www.google.com/search?q=ultraculture o "dKosopedia on ultraculture":http://www.dkosopedia.com/index.php/Ultraculture
Link The American Discovery Trail: the only coast-to-coast non motorized recreational trail remote url Link 2005-10-24 2006-12-11
  I have long wanted to collect/write about all the trails in the US, because they help us get to some of the best carfree places. This is all for now, though!
Link San Diego Environmental Leader Network and Announcement List remote url Link 2005-11-16 2005-11-16
  Here is the "San Diego Area Nonprofit Environmental Events Calendar":http://www.sdlen.org. "Networking the environmental community of San Diego" Join us as we meet every month in different venues to share our nonprofit experiences with one another. The Environmental Leader Networking Group was founded in 2001 by Conservation Coordinators from local environmental organizations, and has met monthly for discussion, sharing and support. We are a 'Great Third Place'. Join us!
Link GPI Atlantic - A Genuine Progress Index (GPI) to Measure Sustainability remote url Link 2005-11-16 2005-11-16
  <blockquote>GPI Atlantic is constructing a genuine progress index (GPI) of sustainable development for Nova Scotia. The GPI provides an alternative to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by including the importance of natural and social capital, natural resources, environmental quality, unpaid voluntary and household work, leisure time, health and knowledge.</blockquote> I Found out about this from "A New Measure of Well-Being From a Happy Little Kingdom":http://www.google.com/search?q=%22A+New+Measure+of+Well-Being+From+a+Happy+Little+Kingdom%22 by Andrew C. Revkin in the New York Times on October 4, 2005.
Link WorldChanging.com: cool news about good things. remote url Link 2005-11-16 2005-11-16
  I found out about this from the "TED Global":../ted/ participant list.
Link "Political Science" in _Non Sequitur_ by Wiley Miller remote url Link 2005-11-17 2006-09-16
  Definitely on the level of "Andy Singer":../stayWhereYouAre/image_view. The cartoon is of the evolving-to-human-from-sea sequence with the neanderthal and all the others being run over by a homo sapiens sapiens in a landrover running in reverse.
Link A ride for the climate: a bicycle tour through the Americas to raise awareness of climate change remote url Link 2005-11-17 2005-11-17
  David Kroodsma is riding from Palo Alto, California to the southern tip of South America. He was mentioned in the San Diego Union Tribune on Wednesday, November 16 2005. <blockquote>I am riding to raise awareness of climate change and how it will affect the Americas. Climate change may cause massive extinctions, losses in agriculture, increased risks of malaria, stronger hurricanes, rising sea levels, and even potentially the end of the Amazon rainforest. Furthermore, climate change will be worse for less wealthy tropical nations than it will be for wealthier nations such as the United States. I am giving presentations in schools before and during this trip, and I am meeting with researchers and environmental groups in each country. My goals are educational, but I hope that you will take action.</blockquote>
Link The San Diego Environmental Foundation's EcoCenter remote url Link 2005-12-31 2005-12-31
  I always thought it promising when a city had an "Eco Center" like the famous "Urban Ecology Center":http://www.urbanecology.org/history.htm. It turns out San Diego has its own version, not three miles from where I live. I missed it, though I've passed it, because it looks like an automobile showroom. Not like an urban ecology center. Or a "permaculture institute":http://www.regenerativedesign.org/ptreyes, or the "Occidental Arts and Ecology Center":http://www.oaec.org/. To be fair, San Diego does have some permaculture-looking sites featured in books (it was in Athena & Bill Steen's *The Straw Bale House* or *The Beauty of Straw Bale* or (an even better book) *The hand-sculpted house: a philosophical and practical guide to building a cob cottage / Ianto Evans, Linda Smiley, and Michael Smith* currently available in the SDSU library). SD also has the "Green Store":../jimbell/. But, the EcoCenter has "a state-of-the-art 'Autotorium'" conveniently located immediately next to the I-15 highway:<blockquote>The **Autotorium** at the **Ecocenter** is a 47 seat theatre equipped with actual automobile seats, a projector for DVD's, CD's and a 10ft by 7ft screen and audio system.</blockquote> I'm pretty sure I saw a photo in the *Union Tribune* a while ago of Education Director Judy Bishop getting a kid to drink the water from the tailpipe of a hydrogen/electric-powered vehicle. . . Well, alright. I shouldn't complain too much about the good they're doing. Let's make a "San Diego Center for Urban Ecology". Let's locate it next to or near the trolley line&mdash;*away* from a highway, if possible. Let's not have it filled with "actual automobile seats". May it look organic, human-scale, and hand-sculpted. May it have more than three palm trees and a strip of grass growing out front. Auto-industry funding? We'll have to pay for it some other way.
Link The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse remote url Link 2006-01-27 2006-01-27
  The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse is a national non-profit organization with extensive online noise related resources. The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse seeks to: o Raise awareness about noise pollution o Create, collect, and distribute information and resources regarding noise pollution o Strengthen laws and governmental efforts to control noise pollution o Establish networks among environmental, professional, medical, governmental, and activist groups working on noise pollution issues o Assist activists working against noise pollution The mission of the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse is to create more civil cities and more natural rural and wilderness areas by reducing noise pollution at the source.
Link The Victoria Transport Policy Institute remote url Link 2006-01-30 2006-01-30
  The Victoria Transport Policy Institute is an independent research organization dedicated to developing innovative and practical solutions to transportation problems. We provide a variety of resources available free at this website to help improve transportation planning and policy analysis. We are funded primarily through consulting and project grants. Our research is among the most current available and has been widely applied. It can help you: o Identify better solutions to transportation problems, including some approaches that are frequently overlooked or misunderstood. o Identify the full benefits, costs and equity impacts of alternative transportation policies and programs. o Compare and evaluate alternatives. o Create a bridge between theory and practice.

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