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Link Jim Bell, ecological designer remote url Link 2004-10-02 2004-10-02
  Another significant San Diego Activist. His HQ is on Voltaire street in OB just down from "Ocean Beach People's Co-op":http://www.obpeoplesfood.coop/, and from the Green Store. OB could be called a surfer & transient & dog ghetto, with a few green and progressive people hanging on below the noise of the overhead jet traffic. I wish Colleen Dietzel of the Green Store had a web site to link to-- I visit her when I'm there and the store is open and help feed the fleas which live in her carpet and which usually have only a scrawny, perhaps vegan cat to chew on. What are differences between these independents and the institutionalized? The Green Store reminds me of Bill's urban ecology storefront in Seattle on University Ave, which I liked a lot when I was there. I can't find Bill on the web, and only "UW's (neglected?) urban ecology center":http://www.urbaneco.washington.edu/ shows up. Jim Bell, at any rate, seems to be another hard worker outside of any sort of organization but his own. He also runs as green candidate for various things (mayor at least). I hear he's looking for interns, or was. His new book, "Long Range Planning, Creating a Sustainable Economy and Future in the San Diego/Tijuana Region A Case Study":http://jimbell.com/LongRangePlanning.htm, which I haven't read, impresses me at least with its ambition, and seems to be the thing we need more of. When I last walked by his HQ, on September 18, 2004, they were having a good-sized eco-party there later in the afternoon. I didn't see anyone at the time, but was moved to wonder at who these people are and how it is they keep doing what they do... I guess it isn't that amazing. But I'm not doing it. And when someone has vision or madness--I guess it is just vision and patience to work with institutions and political systems--to attempt something like "Creating a Sustainable Economy and Future in the San Diego/Tijuana Region," or building a carfree city, I at the least nod in respect and some wonder.
Link Condorcet better than Instant Runoff Voting? remote url Link 2004-10-02 2004-10-02
  That's what this site says. The U.S. needs help and one of the ways it needs help is, perhaps, in developing a representative voting system. That and eliminating "corporate personhoood":http://carfreeuniverse.org/Members/colin/poclad/. It may be a while before I read this site carefully and try to understand it...
Document Figs, hobbits, and housebikes in Davis, CA Document 2004-10-02 2008-03-05 2004-10-02
  A rambling account of Colin's short visit to Davis, CA, and links to places of interest, including where to find food and shelter. Also, notable are an encounter with two housebikes and a visit to the Davis Domes.
Document Palo Alto Document 2004-10-03 2004-10-09 2004-10-03
  Why if you are rich and intelligent and carfree you might like living in Palo Alto, California, USA.
Link HouseYourself - collected creative housing thoughts remote url Link 2004-10-03 2004-10-03
  Personally I've taken the live with relatives or be homeless in California where there are no bugs, no rain, and plenty of free food approach, but for those of you who don't shudder at the thought of living in a structure of your own, this book might be of use.
Link Breast Cancer Industry Awareness Month remote url Link 2004-10-06 2004-10-06
  From "about.com":http://environment.about.com/cs/healt1/a/envirobreast_2.htm : <blockquote>The National Cancer Institute stated in 1995, "Breast cancer is simply not a preventable disease." In 1997, the American Cancer Institute offered a similar opinion, that "there are no practical ways to prevent breast cancer&mdash;only early detection." Soon after the NCI made that statement, a study was released which linked the output of internal combustion engines with increased risk of breast cancer. NCI was quick to hop on board into a collaborative research program with General Motors (GM). 140,000 female GM employees aged 35 and older were invited to participate to assess their risk for developing cancer. The employees with the highest possible risk were then eligible to participate in the NCI's "Study of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene" (STAR)program, which randomly assigned daily doses of either of the two drugs to the healthy women for a period of five years. Yet again, the cancer industry relied upon a study based on chemoprevention, rather than focusing on determining the source of the problem, pollution prevention, or creation of less-harmful alternatives. At this time, it should be noted that the reason the cancer-treatment drug *Tamoxifen* is shrouded in controversy is due to the fact that the drug itself is a potential carcinogen, and may cause uterine cancer, liver cancer and gastrointestinal cancer. After two years of use, tamoxifen has been shown to increase uterine cancer risk by two to three times. </blockquote> The main site to visit is "Breast Cancer Action":http://www.bcaction.org/. "A useful flyer (pdf)":http://www.bcaction.org/PDF/NCIMFlyer.pdf "google on BCI":http://www.google.com/search?q=breast+cancer+industry
Link New Urban News Newsletter remote url Link 2004-10-09 2004-10-09
  NEW URBAN NEWS is a professional newsletter for planners, developers, architects, builders, public officials and others who are interested in the creation of human-scale communities.
Link Car-Free Mayland, DC, Virginia remote url Link 2004-10-09 2004-10-09
  The Washington DC metropolitan area is host to some of the worst traffic in the nation. This group is for people who want to talk with others of like minds in Maryland, DC and Virginia who are or want to be car-free. The focus of this group is to explore alternatives to vehicular ownership and dependency, the benefits to becoming car-free, and special problems certain people may face (such as those who live in suburban areas or regularly need to travel long distances, etc) This group also advocates the belief that all people should have the choice to walk, bike or use any other mode human mobility as transporation.
Document Engl 583 final on 'Measure for Measure' and 'King Lear' Document 2004-10-09 2004-10-09 2004-10-09
  Angelo's soliloquies express themes of the tragicomic form, grace and nature, development of self-knowledge, justice and mercy, and creation and death as aspects of Angelo's character. Angelo and the Duke are similar in the following respects: they both initially claim immunity to love and later come to be affected by it; to achieve ends they desire, both manipulate others into situations those others would not willingly choose to be in; both have sought to maintain a particular reputation; they both spend much of the play seeming other than what they appear; both think themselves to be other than what they are in the beginning; and both claim to value a life removed. Nature is just a word, one I've thrown out of my vocabulary long ago from having found it used in too many different ways to be meaningful yet.
Document The use of imagery, versification, sound patterning, and sound effects in Shakespeare's sonnet 33 Document 2004-10-09 2004-10-09 2004-10-09
  I discuss some ways the words of sonnet 33 combine to produce effect, focusing on sounds of words in addition to their overall sense.
Image The use of imagery, versification, sound patterning, and sound effects in Shakespeare's sonnet 33 Image 2004-10-09 2004-10-09
  I discuss some ways the words of sonnet 33 combine to produce effect, focusing on sounds of words in addition to their overall sense.
Image Is there love in A Midsummer Night's Dream? Image 2004-10-09 2004-10-09
  After first seeing a performance of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, I would have called it a love story. After reading it several times, I am less sure what it is. I will take a closer look at the behavior and context of the characters to understand how a comedy with three marriages and as many as seven lovers almost concludes without a portrayal of love that satisfies me. The pairings I consider are: Theseus and Hippolyta, Hermia and Lysander, Helena and Demetrius, Helena and Hermia, Titania and Oberon, Titania and Bottom, and Pyramus and Thisby.
Document Statement of Purpose: Comparative Literature Document 2004-10-09 2007-10-05 2004-10-09
  Purpose: (1) To earn an MA in English with a specialization in comparative literature and (2) to practice and prepare for teaching composition and literature.
Image Statement of purpose: comparative literature Image 2004-10-09 2004-10-09
  Purpose: (1) To earn an MA in English with a specialization in comparative literature and (2) to practice and prepare for teaching composition and literature.
Document Graduate application document index Document 2004-10-09 2005-04-27 2004-10-09
  Links to documents submitted for graduate school application and a brief discussion of the process.
Document Index of Colin's poetry Document 2004-10-10 2005-04-27 2004-10-10
  Links to poetry labeled personal and poetry not so labeled.
Discussion Item Carfree people at earthaven Discussion Item 2004-10-10 2004-10-10
  Carfree people at earthaven
Document Association for Carfree Living, North America & Carfree Magazine Document 2004-10-16 2008-03-05 2004-10-16
  A rough proposal for what might in the end work better as two organizations: Its main projects would be providing membership benefits and publishing a lifestyle periodical.
Link The conference bike remote url Link 2004-10-16 2004-10-16
  "The conference bike is a tricycle pedaled by 7 riders sitting in a circle. One person steers, while each person is free to pedal or not as the bike moves effortlessly along." It looks like a new one could be bought for &euro;9,500 +. "Eric Staller":http://www.ericstaller.com/about/ in the Netherlands appears to be the artist behind it.
Link Community Service / Solution- small communities, & peak oil conference remote url Link 2004-10-16 2004-10-16
  These guys are on an intentional community, "the vale":http://www.smallcommunity.org/vale.asp, and organizing "conferences":http://www.communitysolution.org/conf1.html around the issue of peak oil. Their mission: <blockquote> Community Service is dedicated to the development, growth and enhancement of small local communities. We envision a country where the population is distributed in small communities that are sustainable, diverse and culturally sophisticated.</blockquote> They have another site: "smallcommunity.org":http://www.smallcommunity.org/ It looks like they got going in 1950, closer to the era of "Scott and Helen Nearing":http://www.goodlife.org/ than "the farm":http://carfreeuniverse.org/Members/colin/thefarm. No actually, the "IC directory":http://directory.ic.org/records/index.php?action=view&page=view&record_id=1237 says 1960, and currently has 22 adults and 18 children. The organization, Community Service, was started in 1940. And, in fact, started the FIC, it "says":http://www.smallcommunity.org/vale.asp! My issue with the peak oil focus is: <blockquote> Unless the developed world embarks on a strong program of curtailment, our deteriorating social environment of poverty, violence, etc., will continue. This deterioration is already reflecting the decline of oil. </blockquote> If oil weren't declining I don't think that would make things better. The issue is building communities meaningful to live in regardless of how much cheap energy we have access to. I'm sort of babbling here. Very cool! In addition to the people from "ecocity builders":http://www.ecocitybuilders.org/index.html, Patricia from "Earthaven":http://carfreeuniverse.org/Members/colin/earthaven will be there!! "We envision a country where the population is distributed in small communities that are sustainable, diverse and culturally sophisticated." This caught my notice--My dream is a library in the woods accessible only by foot, water, or rail... But I've gotten so many of my dreams, or, I've adapted/cut it down to simply having a college campus with library I can use and walk to--for the time being.
Link Ecopolitics.ca's Carfree Zones page remote url Link 2004-10-16 2004-12-26
  Very nice, shows pictures of car-clogged areas next to carfree ones. I've thought of doing the same around here--there's an awful corner with a "Carefree Autocare" place on it. The link to newurbanism.org's "pedestrian page":http://www.newurbanism.org/pages/519562/ is nice too.
Link Kimpire remote url Link 2004-10-17 2006-11-18
  I think this guy's in Germany... (Someone told me Hong Kong is the correct location.) He appears not to be confined to any particular location. . .
Link William Rawls, Super-Human Computer Programmer remote url Link 2004-10-17 2005-10-04
  One of the greatest people I have met. I don't doubt he has problems like the rest of us (hating exercise, for one), but if there ever was a real-life Falstaff (who Howard Bloom calls the smartest of Shakespeare's characters), this might be him. I wish there was someone like him in my life now! I only worked with him for a year or less. His pet project at the time was "sliceanddice":http://www.sliceanddice.com/ --if he could play it right, it could lead/may have already led to great things. Here is his "Primer for Ablitic Programming":http://www.sliceanddice.com/cpp.html, which I confess I haven't read carefully, at least not recently, that if combined with his portrait of himself captures some of what he's like in person. I hope you're well William!
Link Photograph America for $$$ remote url Link 2004-10-23 2004-12-26
  Walking around the College Heights, San Diego suburbs I saw another pedestrian. He was taking pictures of every house on the street. I stopped to talk and found he was paid by ZAIO to do so. He said he was a professional photographer, but that ZAIO would train you and give you a camera (you pay them back with your work) if you didn't have a camera. It sounds nice to walk around all day taking pictures... In some neighborhoods where the houses are more spread out, a bike would be useful. Cars are not useful because one must get out each time to photograph or it is more difficult to manoeuver (what a hideous word). Later on, like next year, he said he would drive by with a laptop and verify the photos, taking new ones if necessary. He said when he got out early every day he'd be making $800/week (in a dense neighborhood). I couldn't quite figure out how to sign up on the website... They've got a smart way of doing things so that you pay to occupy virtual territory (and for a software licence). Sounds visa/"chaordic":http://chaordic.org/ like.
Document Road Traffic Safety / Traffic Victims Remembrance Day Document 2004-10-23 2005-02-22 2004-10-23
  I explore an area of traffic- / transportation-related "activism" I had never spent time with before. There are large, "effective," and active organizations dedicated to making vehicle traffic less dangerous. No doubt I have benefited / been harmed less due to their efforts throughout the years. But I am not yet mature enough to not feel reflexively disgusted as I explore this area of activism. I hope my readers can use this information to build productive relationships with or at least to learn from the "traffic safety activists."

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