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Link Ninth Continental Bioregional Congress remote url Link 2003-12-21 2007-01-01
  Beautiful, and guess where it is? "Bioregionalism embraces the struggle to preserve, restore and enhance the life of the places that constitute the planet. Since 1984 bioregionalists have been gathering in congresses to envision and develop a realistic, restorative way of life in the bioregions of the Americas. We set our own agendas, operate by consensus and build a common commitment. Grand times and good friendships are only the first fruits. At bioregional congresses, we live in community, concern ourselves with the things that matter, and return home informed and inspired. We earnestly invite the participation of all, especially those actively employing ecological precepts in the many movements and endeavors necessary for the human species to reinhabit the bioregions of the Americas and of the whole Earth."
Link World Transport Policy & Practice quarterly journal remote url Link 2003-12-15 2004-10-30
  World Transport Policy & Practice is a quarterly journal which provides a high quality medium for original and creative work in world transport. WTPP has a philosophy based on the equal importance of academic rigour and a strong commitment to ideas, policies and practical initiatives that will bring about a reduction in global dependency on cars, lorries and aircraft. WTPP has a commitment to sustainable transport which embraces the urgent need to cut global emissions of carbon dioxide, to reduce the amount of new infrastructure of all kinds and to highlight the importance of future generations, the poor, those who live in degraded environments and those deprived of human rights by planning systems that put a higher importance on economic objectives than on the environment and social justice. WTPP embraces a different approach to science and through science to publishing. This view is based on an honest evaluation of the track record of transport planning, engineering and economics. All too often, these interrelated disciplines have embraced quantitative, elitist or mechanistic views of society, space and infrastructure and have eliminated people from the analysis. To help it to reach a wide readership, encompassing advocates and activists as well as academics and advisers, WTPP is available free of charge as PDF files on the internet.
Link The Angel Project remote url Link 2003-12-13 2003-12-14
  They've put the dragons in the streets. Carfree theater/installation art (if you don't count the golf cart). This is a link to the Gothamist's review of Deborah Warner's _Angel Project_ It solves the problem of the hypertrophy of the audience. 2003-12-13-1550 I've been using hypertrophy wrong. Hypertrophy means excessive growth. In the _Angel Project_ the audience does not sit still, and the experience is about solitude, so the audience member is most often alone. And, the audience member must travel and explore to experience the performance... she is an active participant in the creation of the experience. What I wished to say was that the angel project is one solution to the problem of the sedentary, passively accepting, non-participating audience.
Link The georgia guidestones remote url Link 2003-12-13 2003-12-13
  An off-topic but interesting thing.
Link GrannyD walks across US at age 90 for campaign reform remote url Link 2003-12-13 2003-12-13
  She was mentioned in http://www.talkingbirdspress.com/colmeu16.html _Walking Across America in My Ninetieth Year_ is one of her books. I've heard that the campaign law the supreme court failed to overturn is not good for third parties... but I'm not certian. Do you have more details on how she walks? At 10 miles a day, I'm wondering how much car use (if any) was necessary to keep going.
Link City Repair remote url Link 2003-12-13 2003-12-13
  Be sure to visit the link to intersection repair. "City Repair was formed in Portland, Oregon in 1996 by citizen activists who wanted a more community-oriented and ecologically sustainable society. Born out of a successful grassroots neighborhood initiative that converted a residential street intersection into a neighborhood public square, City Repair began its work with the idea that localization (of culture, of economy, of decision-making) is a necessary foundation of sustainability. By reclaiming urban spaces to create community-oriented places, we plant the seeds for greater neighborhood communication, empower our communities and nurture our local culture" This was reported on in http://www.americancity.org/ and http://www.talkingbirdspress.com/earthus.html (in newsletter 21).
Link Cyclecide bicycle circus remote url Link 2003-12-11 2004-01-02
  Not sure what to make of this, but they are out there. I met/saw Rudy (the guy who started the website) at H2K2 in NYC. He had a cool story about being visited by the secret service because of his firsttwins site. At the time I had no clue he was involved in this too!
Link Drew's transam bike tour remote url Link 2003-12-11 2003-12-11
  One of my sources told me about this guy... He's impressively organized, and I think did the trip with GPS. And definitely makes me look like a weenie (I think I complained a lot more, and carried way less). http://viciouscircle.us/Tour2003/Day46Sonoita/ http://viciouscircle.us/Tour2003/Day21JeffBusby/ have encounters with bike nomads. (and maybe others- I didn't read them all) Good job Drew!
Link Environmental Working Group remote url Link 2003-12-11 2003-12-11
  I found this site from an article on the pollutants found in mothers' milk in the US as compared to Europe. The "bodyburden" article also makes it more difficult to be complacent. Http://www.ewg.org/reports/bodyburden/factsheets/whatyoucando.php suggests avoiding gas fumes and gas-powered tools among other things. This site (and the sites they link to) goes nicely with Derrick Jensen's _Culture of Make Believe_. Now, why was it that I incarnated at this time and in this place??
Link The Next American City remote url Link 2003-12-08 2004-10-30
  Some young folks started this... "A new quarterly magazine by a new generation of urban thinkers and leaders that explores the transformation of America's cities and suburbs, asking tough questions about how and why our built environment, economy, society and culture are changing."
Link The desert people remote url Link 2003-11-29 2003-11-29
  Danny August, the man behind desert people, was working on setting up a nomadic community on 1,500 acres in Baja California. Here's what happened: "We tried our hardest to make the deal to rent the land for the project. We were about to give a deposit to the landowner when the government stepped in and informed us that the parcel is in a protected area of the Baja, and so it would be illegal to harvest any plants and animals, making the project there impossible. "I greatly appreciated the support you demonstrated for this project. It was not wasted. In the original languages there is no word for waste. For my part, I have learned a ton about ways to set the project up for success in it's next incarnation.
Link Eurotopia: European Communities remote url Link 2003-11-29 2003-11-29
  An excellent directory of european communities (and some not in europe).
Link International Camphill Directory remote url Link 2003-11-29 2003-11-29
  An actual directory is currently available at http://www.camphill.org.uk/directry/march01html/March01size150/March150Direct.html, but the UK Camphill site appears to have links to most of the communities (scroll down). Camphill is of interest because these communities are in some cases more "eco" than current attempts at ecovillages, and most of the residents are carfree due to developmental disabilities.
Link Camphill North America remote url Link 2003-11-29 2003-11-29
  In a back issue of Communities Magazine, at Earthaven, I read that in many ways Camphill communities are more "eco" than many of the more modern attempts at ecovillages. Due to the goal of employing their residents, in at least some communities, dinner will be served from food grown in the community on a table made in the community, and so on. In addition, all of the non-volunteer residents are car-free. From their website: "Camphill is dedicated to social renewal through community building with children, youth, and adults who have developmental disabilities. In a time where many are experiencing a crisis of spirit and search for meaning, Camphill offers a life of celebration, service, and community building in which all participants flourish." Further, I was happy to see there is a community (in Soquel) near the place I may be going next (Monterey, CA)
Link Ken and Roberta Avedor's Illichville remote url Link 2003-11-03 2003-11-03
  Another visualization of the carfree city in the US. They go further than the carfreecity.us group: no factory made goods, no chains, incorporation in order to exercize greater control over the commerce that occurs within (as is done in Disney Land). I like it. Fits in very well with the "ecovillage" concept... As yet still a visualization. Can and how long will it take for these visualizations to become reality. I note the lack of animal-drawn vehicles in the illustrations. You guys have got to get to mexico (or simply go back in time 100 years!). You will find animals... The car/truck replaced/augmented the horse and carriage and railroad, and canal.
Link bikemojo remote url Link 2003-10-27 2003-10-27
  Jerry of the Radio Shack in Comfort, Texas, told me about this one. A general bicycling site, perhaps with a focus on mountainbiking?
Link Project on Corporations Law and Democracy remote url Link 2003-10-27 2003-10-27
  One thing that people should be interested in whether green or libertarian leaning... This isn't strictly carfree-related, but I think it is a good enough idea you should know about it! In Mexico, the term for Corporation is "Sociedad Anomina." If no one were willing to take full responsibility for their actions (say the construction of a chemical factory), would things like cars, the Union Carbide Bophal plant, or computers be built? Or would some of them be built but very differently?
Link Austin Cycling Association remote url Link 2003-10-27 2003-10-27
  "Welcome to the Austin Cycling Association web site. Serving Central Texas recreational riders and transportation cyclists, the ACA provides many scheduled bicycle rides, usually free of charge almost every weekend and they are open to everyone, even non-members. Premium quality free downloadable maps are now offered for members only. Grab your helmet, check your tires and meet us on the road for a great ride. "
Link Bicycle Austin remote url Link 2003-10-27 2003-10-27
  Austin, Texas, USA is a special place in the world of cycling and bicycle activism. Michael Bluejay's site is one way to get a glimpse of the Austin Cycling scene, and an excellent cycling resource in general. Don't forget to check out the newsletter "Car-free world" at: http://bicycleaustin.info/newsletters/ When I first moved to Austin, in January of 2000, I heard it was good for cycling. But it wasn't. At least not compared to the bike trail network of Washington, DC & suburbs that I'd just left. It did have a very active Yellow Bike Project, and a _sub_ culture that supported using bicycles. I`ve heard that Tuscon, AZ and Portland, OR, also score high in regard to that sort of thing... and Asheville, NC now has the ReCyclery... I eventually left Austin because my allergies were very bad and because I knew life would be better without a car in Monterey, CA. After my recent visit to Austin(October, 2003), I see that things are now better for cyclists there. There are bikelanes and smooth shoulders where before there were only potholes and gravel. The Yellow Bike Project has grown... I also noticed a polarization between those who ride bikes and those who don't. Austin was the first place a car driver shouted to me, "Get a car!" (critical massers often shout, "get a bike!"). In the surrounding country roads of Austin, the drivers were more often nasty, honking and even turning on a siren right as they passed. I began imagining that if there ever were a war between the car riders and the cyclists, it could happen there, in Austin... However, while in the city, the drivers' reactions to me might be due to aggressive critical masses, in the country, the ire is more likely due to road riding and training (think Lance Armstrong) being so popular there. Roadies are not necessarily carfree activists.
Link By Fair Means: reaching the rivers of our dreams by using muscle power only remote url Link 2003-10-27 2004-06-24
  These canoeists are addressing in practice the issue of using motorized transport to reach remote wilderness locations: "The above are only a few thoughts that brought the idea of by fair means to our mind. By refering to by fair means we mean that we try to reach the rivers of our dreams by using muscle power only. Further, no alien support is allowed on the trip. This means no food or equipment drops along the way. During the whole trip, the paddlers are completely selfsustained. Trips start at a point that is accessible by road or that is accessible by schedueled air service. Some trips might end in communities which have schedueled air service. If there is no community like on the arctic coast, the nearest settlement my be reached by air-charter to get access to schedueled air service." The result is that they began their trips paddling canoes weighing 250 kilograms (about 500lbs). The main page is at: http://www.open-canoe.de/ellice/
Link Bike the pan-american highway alone remote url Link 2003-09-29 2005-05-11
  Emmanuel Gentinetta biked solo the whole pan-american highway when he was 18, finishing in 2000. 261 days, 24,516 km, 15,234 miles. I'm reading his very readable site right now.
Link Jibi's tour of the world by bicycle (and plane) remote url Link 2003-09-29 2005-05-11
  phenomenal. don't bother with the english pages...practice your french. A guy I met said he'd passed this way two weeks before.
Link Village Habitat Design remote url Link 2003-09-21 2003-09-21
  Allison (a carfree person at the farm) mentioned this group to me: "We design communities where nature is a part of life everyday, where the residents enjoy community and privacy as they choose, and where places are made for people rather than for cars."
Link European Cyclists' Federation remote url Link 2003-09-19 2003-09-19
  I wish I'd known about this earlier. "The European Cyclists' Federation (ECF) is pledged to ensure that bicycle use achieves its fullest potential so as to bring about sustainable mobility and public well-being. To achieve these aims, the ECF seeks to change attitudes, policies and budget allocations at the European level. The ECF will stimulate and organise the exchange of information and expertise on bicycle related transport policies and strategies as well as the work of cyclists movement." and their goals: Aims and Objectives To promote and encourage cycling in the countries of Europe as an economic, efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly means of transport and recreation. The ECF shall act as a federation of member groups throughout Europe. To raise the status of cycling and to promote recognition of the benefits of cycling for both individuals and society as a whole. To encourage consideration of cyclists' needs in Europe in all aspects of transport planning and management, environment, safety and health, and promote cycle-friendly conditions throughout Europe. To support member groups on matters of national and international importance relating to the aims of the ECF. To undertake research on matters relating to cycling, transportation, environment and safety. To enhance the information and advice available to member groups and thus assist in their activities nationally and internationally. To promote the exchange of information and expertise between member organisations. To make available services of member organisations to individual members of member organisations in other countries. To hold conferences on a regular basis in Europe in order to discuss matters relating to cycling, transport, environment and safety. To provide information and expertise in order to raise the awareness of specific groups: international bodies and institutions, politicians, planners, manufacturers/trade groups, bicycle holiday agents/tourism authorities, environmental and transport groups with regard to cycling and its benefits and needs.
Link Crazy Guy on a Bike: A place for bicycle tourists and their journals remote url Link 2003-09-19 2003-12-11
  Andy(?) of the ACRC Recyclery told me about this page. Matt's tourtales site is another similar one. 2003-12-11: now that I look at it, it is very similar in set up to this site. And I found some people in Monterey!

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