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News Item Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2004 Sept. 7-10, 2004 Vancouver, BC News Item 2004-05-30 2005-10-23
  Creating Active Communities is the theme of this year's conference. Walkable and bicycle-friendly communities are active communities. Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2004 will bring together the best and the brightest to set the course for walking and bicycling for the 21st century.
Link The National Center for Bicycling & Walking (NCBW) remote url Link 2004-05-30 2004-05-30
  Note that they are having a "conference":http://www.bikewalk.org/PWPB2004/history.htm in September 2004 in Vancouver, BC. The National Center for Bicycling & Walking (NCBW) is the major program of the Bicycle Federation of America, Inc. (BFA), a national, nonprofit [501(c)(3)] corporation established in 1977. Our mission is to create bicycle-friendly and walkable communities. The NCBW is not a membership organization; our revenue comes from grants, contracts, and consulting fees. In 2001, the NCBW was awarded a multi-year grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to provide information and resources to communities and professionals working to create more activity-friendly communities. This program is referred to as Active Living's Technical Assistance Center, or ALTAC for short. The grant is part of RWJF's efforts to provide improved opportunities for Americans to be physically active on a daily basis in the communities where they live and work. It is the largest grant ever awarded to the National Center for Bicycling & Walking. Ongoing NCBW activities include: * providing specialized consulting services in the areas of long-range planning, policy development, public involvement, route selection, planning and design guidelines for bicycle and pedestrian facilities * training programs for public health and transportation agencies * economic development and tourism planning and analysis * organizing and managing workshops and conferences, including the biennial Pro Bike / Pro Walk conference. In addition, we produce CenterLines, our bi-weekly electronic news bulletin, as well as the quarterly NCBW Forum. All of our publications and programs are supplemented by our comprensive web site (www.bikewalk.org), supporting the efforts of individuals and organizations working on bicycling and walking initiatives. Finally, the NCBW works with local, state, and national bicycle, pedestrian, and transportation advocates to bring about changes in government policies, programs, and procedures to help create more bicycle friendly and walkable communities.
Link carsharing remote url Link 2004-05-30 2004-05-30
  Something about carsharing on carfreeuniverse? I think I might resign. Here's some links: "The World CarShare Consortium":http://ecoplan.org/carshare/ (look in the menu for "what is carsharing":http://ecoplan.org/carshare/general/basics.htm? for an explanation) "Google":http://www.google.com/search?q=carsharing "carsharing.net":http://www.carsharing.net/ I'm putting this under "transitioning to carfree" though I'm not sure if that fits...
Link Cutting Your Car Use: remote url Link 2004-05-30 2004-05-30
  Save Money, Be Healthy, Be Green! by Anna Semlyen A pocket size book on changing travel habits Britain's first personal traffic reduction guide. Packed with constructive, easy to follow, best practice advice. 96 pages, updated Autumn 2003. Over 30,000 sold. Audience: People and organisations who want to reduce their car use and those who want to give up car ownership altogether Contents - o Introduction o Why cut your car use? o How are you using your car? o Looking at the alternatives o Changing your travel habits o Making better use of your car o Living without a car o Getting active o Talking to your employer o References o Directory The UK directory has 206 information sources with addresses, phone numbers, web sites & emails.
Link New York City carfree escapes remote url Link 2004-05-30 2004-05-30
  1. Go to new jersey via path and take commuter rail to tuxedo park and find the trailhead to harriman state park (across a footbridge across the river) 2. A two hour ride on the LIRR to Fire Island... I haven't done this one but wish I had.
Image a poster proposal Image 2004-05-30 2004-06-02
  This is an example of a visual meant to create awareness of and demand for the carfree ideal... propaganda, marketing, visionary art, however you wish to call it. This was designed with creating a compelling display for a greenfestival in mind. Costs for printing things like this can be expensive... Not to mention actually figuring out how to make the poster and produce a reasonable-quality large-scale print... I'd put some text like website urls in the lower right. The basic Idea was copied from the andy singer cartoon on the front of http://carfreecity.us... the full version of that cartoon has a quip about dividing the city into driving and non-driving sections... I saw that cartoon online somewhere. (In carfree seattle's "your guide to going carfree" http://www.thinksmall.org/car-free/ ) Thanks to Joel Crawford's carfree.com for the following images: o http://www.carfree.com/cpix/9usa0125.jpg o http://www.carfree.com/cpix/7ven2322.jpg o and the reference district Thanks (did not ask permission) to http://jenniferyork.com/images5/cloverleaf.jpg for the cloverleaf. Incidentally, Joel's cloverleaf city plan (http://www.carfree.com/zzz_about.html) might be a better image for the lower right. I made it on a mac using adobe illustrator which so far has worked very well and it was easy to do. Dimensions of the poster are 24" x 36". This should cost under $15 to print on photo satin paper at 300 dpi (or maybe it was higher?).
Link EDF's Scorecard remote url Link 2004-05-31 2004-05-31
  Find out about the pollution problems in your community. Search by geographic area or company name, or learn more about environmental issues. Reports are currently available on: * Air Quality: Criteria and hazardous air pollutants * Land Contamination: Superfund sites and lead hazards * Waste: Toxic chemical releases from industrial plants and animal waste produced by factory farms * Water Quality: Clean Water Act status and watershed health Pollution Rankings Scorecard highlights pollution problems that put an area into the worst 20% of areas in the country, or in its own state, and spotlights the companies responsible.
Link autofrei wohnen remote url Link 2004-05-31 2008-03-05
  Markus Heller has a thorough awareness of actual carfree development. The Germans appear to be leading the way in reclaiming cities from the auto on a large scale. I earlier linked to "Marcus' Autofrei leben in Europa presentation":http://www.sujet.de/sign/projekte/autofrei/projektautofrei_fr.html.
Image business cards black & white w/ cut lines 132 kb Image 2004-06-02 2008-03-05
  Please give feedback. Made using adobe InDesign. Advertises carfree.com, carfreecity.us, worldcarfree.net, and carfreeuniverse.org. For best results, do **not** "scale to fit" when printing, unless your printer cannot print to within .25 inches of page edge. The resulting cards should be 2 x 3.5 inches. The outer .25 inches of the guidelines will (probably) be cropped when printing. I've modified the character tracking, prompted initially by a huge gap between i & v in carfreeuniverse. Perhaps I went too far the other way. Here is the version "without cut lines":../businesscards002.pdf/image_view.
Image business cards black & white no cut lines 130kb Image 2004-06-04 2008-03-05
  Same as the "other":../businesscards001.pdf/image_view, but no lines (preferred when printing & cutting professionally). Note that campus print shops can be *much* cheaper than kinkos. Note that it is best to submit all files digitally (email or online)... most every print shop lets you do this now. They also have auto-cutting and folding machines (for flyers).
Image CarFree City, USA brochure 001 black and white 200kb Image 2004-06-04 2005-06-27
  David Ceaser and Patty Santos made this on powerpoint. Don't try to do this with powerpoint. Future CFC brochures will not be made on powerpoint... They will be made with adobe inDesign or the open source "Scribus":http://www.scribus.net/ running on linux, mac w/ "fink":http://fink.sourceforge.net/, or windows with "KDE-cygwin":http://ahnews.music.salford.ac.uk/scribus/documentation/cygwin.html. Do you have other suggestions?
Link J. H. Crawford's collection of city photographs remote url Link 2004-06-04 2004-12-26
  An excellent resource if you want to see what carfree areas around the world look like or if you want to make visuals advertising carfree ideas. See also Joel's "carfree city design site":http://carfree.com/design/ and "Floor Area Ratios Illustrated":http://carfree.com/design/far/index.html.
Link How to travel by train & ship... remote url Link 2004-06-10 2004-06-24
  This site is a treasure for "ecotravellers":http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/ecotravel. I discovered it when looking for an overland route to Thailand. <blockquote> Maybe you don't like flying. Or perhaps you just prefer classic travel by express train and ocean liner, where you eat in a restaurant, sleep in a bed, and get to see where you're going... This website will tell you how to travel comfortably by train or ship for many journeys where you might think that air was now the only option.</blockquote>
Discussion Item More comments Discussion Item 2004-06-10 2004-06-10
  More comments
Document Tabling & Workshopping at the greenearthfestival Document 2004-06-10 2008-03-05 2004-06-10
  Details of the saga & accounting.
Discussion Item more comments from carfree list Discussion Item 2004-06-11 2004-06-11
  more comments from carfree list
Document Report on time spent with the Oxford English Dictionary [OED] Document 2004-06-14 2007-10-05 2004-06-14
  The first assignment for engl549, British poetry and its medium, taught by Jerry Farber at San Diego State University, Spring 2004.
Document Poetry Reading Journal #1 (Donne through Rochester) Document 2004-06-15 2004-06-15 2004-06-15
  The second assignment for Farber. Note there was a word limit, what I turned in had parts cut from it.
Document Scarves Wrap Necks Document 2004-06-15 2005-01-11 2004-06-15
  We were to create a sonnet or 16 lines in heroic couplets. I thought it would be easy to do, so I started in Feb, though it wasn't due till May. It took me all day.
Document Commentary on Pope's Rape of the Lock Document 2004-06-15 2008-03-05 2004-06-15
  In addition to reading journals, we also had commentaries focusing on one poem.
Document 2004-03-09 Engl 549 Farber Poetry Reading Journal #2 (Gray - Shelley) 1500 words Document 2004-06-15 2008-03-05 2004-06-15
  The second reading journal for the class.
Document 2004-03-23 Engl 549 Farber Poetry reReading Journal #1 1200 - 2000 words Document 2004-06-15 2004-06-15 2004-06-15
  The first reReading journal.. focusing mostly on Wordsworth's Prelude, and something else.
Document English 549 Commentary 2 on Rossetti's Goblin Market Document 2004-06-16 2004-06-16 2004-06-16
  Another commentary... I ended up doing this over again because I felt I rambled too much.
Document English 549 Commentary 2 on Rossetti's Goblin Market second try Document 2004-06-16 2004-06-16 2004-06-16
  With more focus on poet's use of the medium.
Document The use of imagery, versification, sound patterning, and sound effects in Shakespeare’s sonnet 33 Document 2004-06-16 2004-08-30 2004-06-16
  The significant paper for English 549, also, in this case, many lines written about only 14...

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